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US Sales of Alt Fuel Vehicles Climbed to Almost 1.8M in 2007

Nearly 1.8 million alternative fuel automobiles (AFAs, which include E85 flex fuel vehicles) were sold in the US in 2007, roughly 250,000 more than in 2006, according to figures gathered by R.L. Polk and released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM).

Sales of E-85 capable vehicles flexible fuel vehicles were up significantly as were sales of hybrid electric vehicles.  Sales of diesel vehicles fell slightly.

In 2008 more than 70 models of AFAs are being offered, up from only 11 models in 2001.  Currently there are more than 12 million alternative fuel autos registered in the US. Automakers are hopeful that this year sales of AFAs may exceed 2 million, according to the AAM.



I think we kind of know why this is. The E85 loophole for CAFE allows this and they are taking advantage of it. It is not like they are pushing this in the ads for each individual vehicle. GM has had some general ads talking about it and even one where they name the Tahoe, but that is about it.

It might be something they tell the consumer, but have not been telling them until recently. Some customers might ask why they are paying for this, when they did not ask for it. It is one of the better kept secrets in the car world. There were lots of Chrysler mini vans and Taurus that were FFV and the people that owned them did not have a clue.

Fernando Armstrong

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