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Butalco Secures First Round of External Financing

Biomass Magazine. Butalco GmBH, a Swiss-based biotech startup developing new production processes for second generation biofuels and biochemicals based on lignocellulose, secured its first round of external financing from Volkswind GmbH based in Ganderkesee (Lower Saxony), Germany.

Butalco’s core technology is based on genetically optimized yeasts to increase yields in bioethanol production and the production of biobutanol through the fermentation of C5 as well as C6 sugars.

Butalco was founded by Eckhard Boles with the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at the Goethe University of Frankfurt, and Gunter Festel, a chemist and economist with investment experience. Launched in 2007, Butalco has access to the research facilities and personnel at the institute.


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