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CALSTART Announces 2008 Blue Sky Awards Winners

CALSTART, the advanced transportation technologies consortium, announced the winners of its Blue Sky Awards for 2008. The annual awards recognize marketplace contributions to clean air, energy efficiency and to the clean transportation industry overall by companies, organizations and individuals.

The Blue Sky Award 2008 winners are:

  • Eaton Corporation, of Cleveland, Ohio, won the Blue Sky Award for being the world’s first in developing and bringing to market both hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic systems for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

  • Business Region Göteborg of Sweden, won the Charles R. Imbrecht Blue Sky Innovation Award for catalyzing Sweden’s use of biomethane as a renewable transportation fuel now powering 4,500 natural gas cars, trucks and buses and a commuter train.

  • Southern Counties Express, Inc., of Los Angeles, Calif., won a Blue Sky Merit Award for buying a fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) port trucks and operating an LNG fueling station that is publicly available to the port trucking community.

  • Union Pacific Railroad Co., of Omaha, Neb., won a Blue Sky Merit Award for the development, procurement and deployment of more than 150 ultra-low emitting “Genset” multi-engine diesel switching locomotives.

  • ZipCar, of San Francisco, Calif., won a Blue Sky Merit Award for its car-sharing program and its impact on the environment, reduction of parking demands, lessening of traffic congestion and greenhouse emissions.



I think this CalStart list is so cool. They are not a big organization with worldwide exposure, but recognition is a big deal to innovators and achievers. It also shows what this organization thinks is important.

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