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GM Has Second E-Flex Program Underway for Opel

Continental Expands Li-Ion Portfolio

Continental’s Powertrain Division has expanded its Li-ion battery portfolio to support power requirements of up to 120 kW with a capacity of up to 18 kWh.

Continental Automotive is beginning series production of automotive lithium-ion packs this year, and is a development partner with VW and Daimler.

Continental, along with its project partner A123Systems, is also providing one of the Li-ion packs currently under consideration for the Chevy Volt. That pack is a 16 kWh unit. (Earlier post.)



160hp handling with 18kW-hr...good enough to support a motor that could replace the base 4-cylinder engine in every mid-size sedan.


Laying the groundwork for practical electric cars.


"VW and Daimler"

All electric Golf and Smart here we come....

Harvey D

Encouraging alliances to foster accellerated development of PHEVs and BEVs.

Most car manufacturers may have one or two PHEVs in their line-up by 2010?

Year 2010 may be interesting for car buyers, GHG and liquid fuel consumption trend.


Is it okay to say I wish I had some A123 stock??

Ryan K

You might be able to by some in September, if the IPO rumors are true...


"Continental Automotive is beginning series production of automotive lithium-ion packs this year"

Who will they be selling these to this year?

Mercedes did announce that they would be the first to market with a lithium-ion powered hybrid. Anyone else?


Not sure who all else this year... But J.D.Powers released an estimate that the Chevy Volt will sell 300,000 units through 2014. That might just guarantee business for every automotive Li-ion pack maker considering the other entries in PHEVs.

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