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Daimler (Re-)Acquires 23% of Tognum

Daimler AG will acquire a 22.3% equity interest in Tognum AG—a provider of off-highway diesels that originally was a Daimler division but was sold off in 2005—and is also acquiring an additional nearly 1% of Tognum shares. Daimler will become the largest shareholder in Tognum, and plans to acquire a blocking minority position (25% plus one share) in Tognum.

Daimler and Tognum—originally called MTU Friedrichshafen—continued a supply relationship after the sale of Tognum. For example, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Mannheim supplied more than 17,000 diesel engines and the Detroit Diesel Corporation plant in Detroit more than 5,000 diesel engines to Tognum in 2007. They are used for example in agricultural machinery, industrial applications such as cranes, pumps or snow cats, marine applications, as well as in power generation systems. In particular, volumes in the fast-growing worldwide industrial-agricultural market are to be further expanded in the future, thus also making a contribution to the long-term supply with engines from Daimler.

Tognum generates annual revenue of more than €300 million from sales of engines from Daimler and an additional €160 million from sales of drive shafts to Daimler.

Daimler and Tognum are currently discussing the possible future supply of Daimler’s new medium-duty engine generation (MDEG) in the power segment below MTU’s future new engine Series 1600.

Tognum is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-speed diesel engines and complete propulsion systems for ships and heavy land and rail vehicles, as well as industrial drive systems and decentralized power plants. These business operations are organized in two divisions: mtu Engines and Tognum Onsite Energy Systems & Components. Tognum’s product portfolio includes diesel engines in the power range from 20 to 9,100 kW, gas engine systems, gas turbines and fuel cells.



Daimler leadership just can't make up its mind for the long haul. Buy Chrysler, dump Chrysler. Dump Tognum, buy Tognum.

What's next? Abandon vehicle manufacturing and convert all their assembly plants to nightclubs?

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