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ExxonMobil Chemical will introduce two new co-extruded separator grades for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in Tampa, Florida (12-16 May). (Earlier post.)

In addition, Pat Brant, chief polymer scientist, ExxonMobil Chemical, will present a technical paper titled: “ExxonMobil Co-extrusion Separator Technology Platform for HEV/EV LIB”.

ExxonMobil Chemical and its Japanese affiliate, Tonen Chemical, have developed two new separator grades with co-extrusion technology to meet more demanding battery requirements. The new co-extruded grades offer enhanced permeability, improved strength, reduced heat shrinkage and higher rupture temperature to improve battery safety and performance.

The two new co-extrusion grades have been developed to meet the different system needs for lithium-ion batteries in hybrid and electric vehicle applications. We have now introduced four tailored battery separator films and are committed to extending our product portfolio to provide customers with the flexibility and versatility to make the next generation of lower emission vehicles possible.

—Jim P. Harris, senior vice president, ExxonMobil Chemical Company



good for Exxon-Mobile.


grrr at not previewing... Exxon-Mobile = oil cell phone technology ;-)

Golden Boy

"They're not inventing anything."

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My understanding is that Lithium Ion batteries are very dangerous because they blow up easily. I thought that Lithium polymer (li-po) batteries were state-of-the-art. Li-po batteries don't blow up. How does this new separator technology compare with LiFePO4 batteries which have proven efficient and safe?

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