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Report: VW and Sanyo Electric to Partner on Li-Ion for Hybrid and Electric Cars

The Nikkei reports that Volkswagen AG and Sanyo Electric Co. jointly will develop a lithium-ion battery for hybrid and electric cars. VW hopes to start importing the battery for use in its vehicles by 2012, according to unnamed company sources.

Sanyo Electric Co Ltd showed a prototype Li-ion module for hybrid vehicles and a prototype Li-ion battery cell for plug-in hybrid vehicles at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show last November.

...Mitsuru Honma, senior vice president of Sanyo Electric, mentioned the cell for hybrid vehicles that was under development at 2007 Tokyo Automotive Conference, which ran from Oct 22-23, 2007, prior to the Motor Show.

“The cell achieved an energy density of 90Wh/kg and output density of 3,500W/kg,” he said. “It allows an input density of 3,300W/kg even at the time of regeneration.”

Tech-On, 30 October 2007

Sanyo plans to invest nearly ¥100 billion (US$973 million) in developing and producing lithium-ion batteries over the next three years.


almost a billion $


Here we go, folks. Hopefully quicker than 2012.


Even the diesel crazed Germans are getting into EVs.


Approaching critical mass production for Li-Ion chemistry. With these commitments there can be no doubt about the transition to electrified transport. What needs to be publicly addressed now is supportive infrastructure. This means E85 and biodiesel pumps; workplace charge stations (parking lot AC outlets), charge station parking meters, utility discounted home upgrades, e.g. 220V AC line to garage credit against electric bill, and solar packages for PHEV charging.

While the grid will supply the majority of electrons to these vehicles, an emphasis on neighborhood solar/wind charge/fuel stations will diversify the energy resources and decentralize grid monopolization. If rooftop solar can charge even 2-3% of the emerging BEV fleet - it will be net positive.

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