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REVA Takes 2008 Frost & Sullivan European Automotive Powertrain Company of the Year Award

Frost & Sullivan presented its 2008 European Automotive Powertrain Company of the Year Award to Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) for demonstrating excellence in sales volumes, superior market penetration and high levels of customer satisfaction within the electric vehicle (EV) industry. In 2007, on average one REVA electric car was sold per day in the United Kingdom.

The REVAi.

RECC has successfully tested and evaluated lithium ion batteries for the REVA quadricycle. The newly developed lithium ion batteries provide a driving range of more than 140 kilometers (87 miles) compared to 60-80 km from the existing lead acid battery pack.

The company’s current REVAi has been designed to facilitate upgrades to li-ion packs when they are made available for sale this year. With the incorporation of the new AC electric motor, the REVAi increases the mid-range torque by 40% and offers a boost mode for short term acceleration.

RECC has demonstrated technology leadership in European markets with its ability to deliver an EV at a competitive price with sufficient performance for its intended purpose as a city commuter vehicle. Priced at less than nine thousand pounds, compared to the twelve to seventeen thousand pounds charged by its competitors, the Reva car, known as G-Wiz in the United Kingdom, offers customers exceptional value for money.

—Anjan Hemanth Kumar, Frost & Sullivan

RECC is building a new plant to LEEDS guidelines that will expand production capacity to thirty thousand vehicles per year by the end of 2008. The company has announced that it will launch one new vehicle and one new variant every year in order to build upon its position as a pioneer in the European EV market.



Where in the US can I get one, and for how much?
Do I have to go to India to buy one, and then sneak it into the US?
Its small I could take it on coach.

Account Deleted

how this lithium-ion battery is work in the car?

Account Deleted

what the price of the lithiumn-ion battrey for car purpuse?

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