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Translinc Introduces Smith Edison Electric Van for Courier Service

Translinc, a UK provider of fleet services, is introducing a Smith Edison electric vehicle (earlier post) into courier service for the Lincolnshire County Council (LCC).

LCC’s courier service operates eight weekly runs within Lincoln city and throughout the county, supporting the library services, inter-school deliveries and the city council’s internal mail system. When the service required a new vehicle, TransLinc’s expert Fleet Services team recommended the Smith Edison electric van.

Based on the Ford Transit van, the Smith Edison is a 3.5t electric vehicle and is capable of fulfilling the need for urban van and light commercial vehicle operations, without the environmental impact of a traditional diesel powered unit. The Smith Edison has a top speed of 50 mph, payload of 1,338 kg and a range of up to 150 miles from a single charge.

The Smith Edison van is the perfect vehicle for short, inner city routes and is perfectly suited to the work of LCC’s courier service. Increasingly we are seeing local authorities focus on reducing their environmental impact and we are constantly looking for new fleet vehicle to help our clients fulfil these reductions.

—TransLinc’s National Sales Manager, Mark Werrell



Am I missing something here? "A", as in "one" vehicle, and this is being reported as significant news?

Smith has had, and will have some significant sales. I hope that their circumstance isn't such that the sale of one van is an exciting development.

Now if Translinc is ordering a whole fleet, that would be news!


BEV orders for London are old news, but this is outside of London and so an indicator that BEV are breaking into new markets.


first comes the 1 trial vehichle. Then comes the fleet purchase.

Stan Wellaway

Smith sold 270 vans last year and is apparently on track to deliver a further 800 or so in 2008. Sometime in the next few weeks they are expected to announce the site chosen for their new additional factory dedicated entirely to EV production. At present they share their Vigo works with (thriving) sister company UpRight who make powered access platforms. The new site should be into production before Xmas.

Stan Wellaway

Incidentally they appear to have significantly enlarged the Case Histories page on their website detailing 11 of their customers

@ paul "first comes the 1 trial vehicle. Then comes the fleet purchase."

This is why the purchase of one truck is news. This is another company where the numbers look good enough to make switching an economic success. Lets make no mistake, these are not green eyed heroes willing to pay extra for an uneconomic dream, these are hard nosed business decisions where every penny is counted. If the truck performs as economically anticipated, they will be used.

The even better news is that these trucks are offering a huge economic incentive when fuel costs as well as purchase price are considered. Reduced maintenance is an additional bonus.
We then have customer satisfaction where inner city business always prefer a quiet non-smelly delivery truck over a noisy polluting one.

The switch to BEV technology has begun. This is just one more notch in the belt of progress.

Dan Browne

This is very, very good news.
The reason is not the purchase of the single vehicle.

It's the fact that purchasing decisions when deciding on something radically new are based on "who else has done this first?"

The reason is simple human nature: If some other government department has done it, I can't be fired for making the same decision.

This is great news. I just hope that other British Councils and US city departments take note.

Lee Coulson


As a specialist fleet provider with over 3000 vehicles on the road, TransLinc works closely with manufacturers and customers to reduce the environmental impact of those vehicles.

The Smiths Edison represents an excellent option for urban multidrop work, but is limited by the current range of it’s battery for our more rural location.

We do have other services that would benefit from electric technology, but currently are waiting for vehicles to become available.

Due to the nature of our fleet, we are unable to switch en mass to electric as the technology and specialist vehicles we supply just aren’t available at the moment.

Lee Coulson
Marketing Manager
TransLinc Ltd


It is really interesting! Somebody know how much does it cost a Smith EV? ie. Edison Model???

paul mills

I am an ex Brit living in Virginia USA.
I own an Appliance repair service company and would love to have an electric service van.

American manufacturers don't seem to be interested in prduceing electric vans.

If I have to go back to England to buy my next service Vehicle, so be it.

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