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UK Mail Trials Modec Electric Van

TNN. UK Mail, part of the Business Post Group, has begun a trial of a Modec electric van (earlier post). The battery-powered light commercial vehicle will be used to handle urban collections and deliveries within London’s Low Emission Zone.

Modec van for UK Mail.

Modec is a purpose-built electric vehicle that can carry two tonnes to up to 100 miles at a speed of 50 miles an hour on a single charge. The vehicle is exempt from road tax, operator’s license and the London Congestion Charge, as well as achieving lower insurance rates and maintenance cost.

Guy Buswell, Chief Executive of Business Post Group said that if the trial is sucessful, the group will look at wider investment into electric-powered vehicles as part of its ongoing fleet investment program.


Harvey D

Another example that BEVs may be the way to go in major cities.

Quick charges over coffee/lunch breaks could double or triple maximum range to 200/300 milles during same work day.

Eventually, city buses, garbage trucks, taxi cabs and city delivery vehicles could all be BEVs. It would make a huge difference in major cities air pollution and noise level.

Where ICE vehicles users are progressively charged more for operation rights in major cities, they will turn to BEVs. Economics is one of the best way to convince people to change their behavior.


BEVs will start in niche markets like this, where range is not critical.

Stan Wellaway

I totally agree with both of you. This link shows the number of european towns and cities that are establishing low-emission zones. Dozens of them.

No shortage of cities pressing ahead with Low Emission Zones. Plenty for Smith EV to go at

Great target areas for Modec and and the several other EV makers who came outta the wooodwork at the recent (UK) Commercial Vehicles Show.

Stan Wellaway

Sorry - two messages got half combined there. Modec and the others have timed their emergence well.

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