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Delphi to Sell Global Exhaust Business

Delphi Corporation is seeking buyers for its global exhaust business as part of the company’s transformation plan.

The business to be sold relates to the design and manufacture of the exhaust system front exhaust module (hot end) including catalytic converters and exhaust manifolds. The business serves more than 10 major customers and includes sites in Blonie, Poland; Clayton, Australia; Gurgaon, India; and Port Elizabeth, South Africa; as well as joint venture interests in Shanghai, China; and Monterrey, Mexico; and technical centers in Auburn Hills and Flint, Michigan; and Bascharage, Luxembourg.

Although Delphi intends to divest its exhaust business, the company intends to continue to provide full engine management systems, including air and fuel management, and combustion and valve-train technology.

Additionally, Delphi’s non-equity based alliance with Belgium-based Bosal Group to offer complete exhaust systems will be terminated by mutual agreement. The alliance was announced in the spring of 2005. Delphi and Bosal together provided customized exhaust systems for automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide to meet stringent exhaust emissions standards and reduce engine noise.

Pending Court approval, Delphi will retain Lincoln International, a global mid-market investment bank, to explore sale opportunities.


John Taylor

They are selling the exhaust business and keeping the controls business ...

It sounds like someone at Delphi thinks future cars will need control systems but not exhaust pipes.

(As Electric cars show up, expect people to ditch gas guzzlers like rats deserting a sinking ship)


They should put more people and efoorts into future vehicles, fuel cells, and other gasoline options need to be explored but apparently the company doesn't need that moving forward

Henry Gibson

At what price fuel will vehicles be required to recover the energy from engine exhaust? Why are catalytic converters even considered when turbines can produce cleaner exhaust. With regular announcements about this and that engine with super high horsepower and high torque at low speed, it is obvious that most people are not interested, in the least, in high efficiency.

It is, however, a mistake to have full electric cars. A small fuel-burning engine, at least, should be required in every plug in car. This engine will only need an exhaust system that can deal with one level of operation and in many cars will rarely be used. The engine-generator will only be used to charge a nearly depleted battery. Two such generators or a slightly larger one are all that is needed to operate a car at low but legal freeway speeds continuously for long trips.(see OPOC) Fifty miles per gallon at fifty miles per hour implies an average of (13) thirteen horse power using CALCARS figure of 200 watt-hourse per mile and a 30% efficient diesel. The catalytic converter will be much smaller and cheaper and such charging systems can have a long life and a light enough(20kg) weight to be moved from old to new car or even used inside or outside the car as emergency power sources..hg..


Sara & Henry . Companies get away with this crap because of people like you who fail to educate themselves on even the basic technology involved, and are therefore easy to dupe, and because others are too apathetic to even complain.

This leaves a handful of folks who both care and understand. It can be very easy to intimidate, silence, or kill the few.

The only real power is knowledge, in the heads of many.

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