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Energtek Inc., developer of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) supply systems (earlier post) and DML PTE Ltd. have formed a $25M joint venture—Energtek Far East PTE—to commercialize ANG Technology in Southeast Asia.

ANG storage material. Click to enlarge. Source: Energtek.

ANG technology allows storing natural gas under lower pressures than compressed natural gas (CNG) technology, thereby lowering refueling expenses and allowing for more efficient use of a vehicle’s space. The lower pressure used by ANG technology also allows significant savings in the infrastructure costs of filling stations.

In a conventional high-pressure storage tank, gas is forced into the tank under pressure. The maximum pressure, and therefore volume of gas held in the tank, is limited by the physical properties of the tank and its valve. The addition of a microporous material, such as activated carbon, into the tank makes it possible to do one of two things:

  • Store a larger volume of gas in the same container, at the same pressure.

  • Store the same volume of gas in the container at a lower pressure.

Energtek and DML PTE will share ownership of the venture at a ratio of 51:49 respectively. DML PTE will invest $2 million, and has agreed to finance the JV’s business operations with an additional $23 million. The JV will receive exclusive rights to operate in the area.

Several natural gas bulk transportation projects utilizing Energtek’s proprietary Low-pressure Mobile Pipeline (LMP) technology—i.e., ANG tube trailers—have already been planned.

Other projects will focus on the conversion and subsequent ongoing supply of natural gas to both large and small vehicles. Future projects will focus on the production of natural gas directly from refuse, which can then be supplied to industrial businesses as an energy source, and on the manufacture of special ANG ships.

The partners are also considering the potential market for the conversion of the 35 million 2 or 3 wheelers in the three countries to natural gas with ANG technology.

Earlier in June, Energtek signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a natural gas distribution company in Uttar Pradesh, India. The agreement advances efforts to commercialize Energtek’s proprietary bulk storage and transportation technology in India.


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