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Hyundai May Offer LPG Hybrid in Australia

The Age reports that Hyundai is “seriously considering” offering its LPG hybrid Elantra (earlier post) in Australia. The hybrid Avante (the domestic variant of the Elantra) is due to go onsale in Korea in 2009.

Its fuel consumption is expected to be slightly higher than Toyota’s hybrid petrol-electric Prius. But with LPG selling for up to 90c a litre less than petrol, the small Hyundai’s annual fuel costs would be less than half those of a Prius and five times lower than Australia’s top-selling car, the Holden Commodore.

The hybrid reportedly has a 1.6-liter LPG-fueled engine, supported by a 15 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack supplied by LG Chem.

Australia is self-sufficient in LPG and has more than 3,200 LPG filling stations around the country.


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