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IANGV Sees Potential for 65M Natural Gas Vehicles Globally by 2020

The global natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleet can grow from more than 7 million vehicles today to 65 million by 2020, according to John Lyon, President of the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV). That represents a “conservative” growth rate of 18% per year, Lyon said in a speech at the opening ceremony at NGV2008, held last week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2001, the annual growth rate has been 26%.

A 65-million strong NGV fleet will represent a 400 billion cubic meter per year market for natural gas (16% of today’s total world gas demand), Lyon said, noting that aggressive market development strategies by energy companies will be key to the success of the NGV industry.

To achieve the 65-million target, Lyon said,

  • Governments must implement and support long term NGV (natural gas and biomethane) strategies;

  • Vehicle OEMs should increase production of NGVs and continue to develop new models;

  • The availability of economic, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicle conversions needs to increase;

  • The CNG refueling infrastructure requires aggressive development; and

  • The natural gas industry needs to develop strategies to aggressively advance the use of NGVs to achieve the 400 billion m3/year market.

The IANGV is the umbrella association for the industry which works with regional and national associations.



Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, and other backwaters have
each 10x the NGV vehicles we do. Apparently, we in the
United States are not allowed to have alternative-fueled
vehicles, even though GM and Ford make them for other
countries. The only NGV you can get in the States is
the Honda Civic GX. Imagine, a Civic with a price tag
of $24,000.

California, the so-called environmental 'leader'
has almost no NGVs, no Flex-fuel vehicles, no
Hydrogen Highway; and CARB lowers its emissions
targets. Great job.

The only alternatives we have in California to
financial disaster arethe $24,000 Civic NGV and
the $100,000 Tesla electric car. Looks like we
have to find the 5 bucks a gallon somewhere. Now it costs me $50 to tank up a Corolla. @#$%^&*

Getting ENRON-ed again!

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