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Napier University and Chinese Consortium to Develop Second-Generation Biofuels from Waste

Napier University (Edinburgh, Scotland) has signed an agreement with Chinese consortium Breeze Global Inc. to establish a partnership to further the development of second-generation biofuel from waste products.

In December 2007, Napier University launched a Biofuel Research Centre (BfRC), the first of its kind in the UK, to research and develop second-generation biofuel from a potentially diverse range of non-food crops and waste matter. The BfRC is led by Dr Martin Tangney, an expert in biobutanol. (Earlier post.)

Breeze Global Inc is a newly formed company which will focus in the development and commercialization of environmental projects related to biofuel and biodegradable materials. This collaboration will focus on working closely with local partners in the research and development of new technologies and microbial strains related to the biological processing of local biowastes for production of biofuel.

—Dr. Tangney



two good things here: the advancement of biobutanol processing, which is a very promising 2G biofuel, and the involvement of the Chinese. anything which leads them onto a more sustainable energy path is unequivocally a boon.


Personally I think this is great to read about. Any time that people make an effort to find better ways to deal with waste products, and I'm happy to hear it.

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