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Report Projects 4% Shrinkage of US Vehicle Fleet in Face of $7/Gallon Gas by 2012

Report: China To Offer Tax Break For Buyers Of Hybrids and Diesels

The Nikkei reports that China will waive its 10% vehicle purchase tax on hybrids and diesel-engine vehicles.

Currently, when buying an automobile or motorcycle in China, the buyer must pay for the price of the vehicle, which includes a consumption tax of 17%, plus a purchase tax of 10% on the pre-consumption-tax price. This vehicle purchase tax is to be waived for those buying from the government’s list of earth-friendly vehicles, likely starting sometime this year.

This tax break could heighten demand for hybrids, considering that the price gap will shrink between hybrids and versions that run on gasoline only.

Separately, the Press Trust of India reported that the Delhi government is considering providing incentives for hybrids.



Why can't the US offer anything for Diesels?
My last tank was 51.75 mpg. TDI. Now with clean diesels, step up already and get the cars here.
China is doing what it has to and we should too.


China gouges 27% tax on top of vehicle cost. Geez, much worse than Taxachusettes or EU's VAT. Knock off 10% and you still pay more than EU or US - the rich get richer.

John Taylor

Beijing banned in March this year the sale of new cars that fail to meet new emission standards equivalent to Euro IV, currently the highest emission standard for cars.


At this rate of sales, China will surpass the number of US cars in service within 10 years.

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