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Aptera Raises More Than $24M in Series C Round

Aptera Motors has raised more than $24 million at the close of its Series C round of venture funding. The new funds will be used to start initial production of its Aptera Typ-1 (earlier post), a three-wheeled plug-in (in all-electric and gasoline-electric hybrid versions) designed to combine advanced aerodynamics with light-weight composite technology.

The Aptera Typ-1.

Additionally, the company plans to use the newly raised funds for a new manufacturing facility located in Vista, Calif., just a short distance from the company’s present headquarters in Carlsbad.

Investors in Aptera Motors now include: Idealab, Esenjay Investments, The Simons Family, The Beall Family Trust and Google, Inc.

The first production models of the Typ-1 are planned to be available in December 2008 with the production rate increasing throughout 2009. With a coefficient of drag one-third of that of a subcompact car and less than half the weight, the all-electric version will get up to 120 miles per charge, while the hybrid version, which will follow in about 12 months, will achieve close to 300 mpg.

Aptera has received more than 3,300 deposits from California-only buyers. California residents can reserve a vehicle now by placing a fully refundable $500 deposit at



Go Aptera! Go!

P.S. It would really be nice if I could buy one of these in FL. I'd ditch my bimmer in a heart beat.



Do you have the 2 or 4-wheel Bimmer?


It may be a good idea for many places but it will never replace a 4-ton Hummer in USA.

What does the Tpy-2 look like?


They really have the winner approach ultra-low-drag, low-weigth then with 10KWh battery you get 120 miles, now upgrade it with a 20Kwhrs battery and you get 240 miles, with the same 20KWhrs battery the Chevy-Volt will get barely 40 miles...

These guys really did an fantastic job in helping us to change our mind about how we see cars : lighter, smaller, streamlined like a dolphin, here is the solution.


Treehugger: These guys really did an fantastic job in helping us to change our mind about how we see cars [...]

When will 'normal' cars get a glass cockpit? It would almost certainly be less expensive, simple internal design, and provide for a LOT more room up front.


Ha Ha Ha! Thankfully, the gasoline hording "4-ton Hummer in USA" is going extinct! Only fools and arrogant rich folks will drive them.

The Aptera should be exempt from speed limits for fuel conservation.

The "4-ton Hummer..." needs to be in the 55MPH speed limit category with semi's...



Mercedes experienced that on their bionic concept and apparently it helps, but you know car industry is extremely conservative as well as most of customers who wear a car like their wear a costume, it has to reflect their social status, or their tribe state of mind etc.. so a "glass cockpit" where does it put you socially ?


Got a Hummer?

Keep on sending your hard-earned $$ to the Middle East. I'll buy a high-tech, American Made commuter vehicle and cut my cost of commuting to less than the price of a cup of McDonald's coffee.


Treehugger: Mercedes experienced that on their bionic concept [...]

Hm. A few brief checks on the net show that this Bionic concept appeared to be a standard interior configuration:

Note the analog spedometer, climate controls, the radio stack in the center and so on. Compare to the Aptera Typ-1:

With the exception of some climate knobs (probably to save on some power-sucking actuators), all the car controls and displays are "glass". That is, computer displays.

Watching some of the YouTube videos on the Aptera makes me want to go to California, misrepresent myself as a resident to buy one, and drive/ship it back home. Maybe Aptera would even pay me to be a test-driver for winter conditions. (We can always dream...)



Welcome to California ! if you can convince people in Texas or Michigan that Aptera has it right, go ahead, you will really do something go for this country, maybe you should convince Aptera to let you open a Shop in Dallas

Mike Davis

I think Apteras biggest hurdle is the design. This just looks too over the top for mainstream acceptance. It's about 20 years too soon IMO.

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