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BMW Group Preparing Electric MINIs for Field Testing

BMW announced that it is preparing “several hundred” all-electric MINIs for extensive testing of electrical propulsion as part of its Number ONE strategy. The company said it will provide details on the drive concept and marketing plans at the end of the year.

With this step, the BMW Group wants to gain initial findings as to how mobility from purely electric-powered vehicles can be designed efficiently.

—Dr. Norbert Reithofer, chairman of BMW AG.

BMW said that the base vehicles will be built in Oxford, UK and modified with electric drive systems in Munich, Germany. Road tests are to begin in the next 12-18 months to refine the technology.

Automotive News Europe reports that 490 of the electric MINIs will be exported for leasing in California as part of the company’s efforts to meet the new ZEV mandates. (Earlier post.)



Just because all these cars are going electric does NOT mean things will improve. I expect we'll see lots of gas engines and CO2 and toxic pollution for the next twenty years. Thanks to George Bush.

Nate H.

Well, Gloomy-er, I can see where you get your name.

Have one of these: :P

Nate H.
Dover, Ohio

Henry Gibson

because it is already in production, the electrification of MINIs might be a start in the right direction, but what about electrifying PRIUSes. It would be faster. Calcars has shown that. Electric MINIs still should have at least a tiny engine generator and fuel tank so we never have to read about limited range again. Not the fact of limited range but only the idea has worked against electric cars in this new era. TZERO proved that a very small motorcycle engine can take an electric car any distance and even smaller engines could do it also. See OPOC! A major car company executive should consider engine-electric-hydraulic combinations especially for the MINI. ..HG..

Mark Barcinski

Henry, I sure BMW is not interested in electrifying PRIUSes.

Besides that, MINI's are perfect city cars that city folks just love.
And they are already expensive and yet they sell like hot cakes so it makes a lot of sense to be EV's.

Good luck to GM(Volt) it look's like the EV race has begun for real.


I wouldn't be surprised if PML flightlink isn't somehow involved in this. Their super Mine Cooper was just too cool and capable to be left alone.

all-electric MINIs

BMW is getting ready for the switch to electric transportation that it no doubt sees in the near future.


They (BMW) tried this before with a sodium-sulphur battery back at the last oil shock.

It wasn't the right time for it to take off back then, but now, by golly there's some money to be made!!

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