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EMP To Supply Electrified Cooling Systems for Buses to New Flyer; Fuel Economy Improvement Up to 10%

Chrysler Exploring Ties with Great Wall Motor

Chrysler LLC and China’s Great Wall Motor Co signed a memorandum of understanding to explore long-term business ties in various areas including distribution, components and technology.

Chrysler currently sells 12 models in China, up from only two offered in 2004, according to Phil Murtaugh, Chief Executive Officer – Asia Operations. Only four of those are produced in China, through partnerships.

The company introduced the Dodge Journey to the China market at Auto China 2008 in Beijing in April, and also staged the Asian premiere of the Dodge ZEO and Jeep Renegade concept vehicles there. The Dodge Journey will go on sale in China in 2009 as the JCUV.

Last July, Chrysler Chery Automobile finalized their cooperative agreement which will result in the first imports of Chinese-manufactured cars into the US under the aegis of a major automaker. Under the agreement, Chrysler and Chery will work together to develop, manufacture and distribute Chery-made small and sub-compact cars in North America, Europe and other major automotive markets under the Chrysler Group brands. The companies are to jointly develop new global products based on future Chery small-car platforms. (Earlier post.)

Great Wall Motor Company Limited is the largest privately owned automotive, truck and specialty vehicle manufacturer in China.



Since there are with Cerebus these people are like they are on another planet, their sales are collapsing they dont have a single product that get 30MPG and no plan to have one in 5 years, they are negotiating partnership with Nissan and other that will get them old by the balls, I give them 1 year before Cerebus pull the plug out for good.

This is a fine idea for Chrysler. It has no innovative products. Worse, it is stuck to oil.
This is a really bad idea for China’s Great Wall Motor Company. They are innovative and fresh and willing to work to make the future.

Henry Gibson

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Could somebody put Henry back in the “EMP Electrified Cooling Systems” room and make sure the latch catches.

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