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Clean Energy Awarded $3.6M to Fund 9 New Natural Gas Fueling Stations in Southern California

The California Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) recently approved grant awards of $3.6 million to Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to help defray the cost of expanding the Southern California network of natural gas fueling stations with nine new stations. In addition, SCAQMD announced grant awards totaling $7.7 million to assist a group of Clean Energy’s customer companies with the purchase of clean-burning natural-gas powered heavy-duty fleet trucks, full-size buses and taxis.

The grants will support the additional of nine new LNG and CNG public and private fuel stations in locations stretching from West Los Angeles, Fontana, Norwalk and Burbank to the Port of Long Beach and the Ontario and Palm Springs international airports.

Clean Energy’s in-house Grants Department provides assistance with identifying, applying for and securing grant funding. Over time, Grants Department efforts have helped secure more than $107 million in funding for Clean Energy and its customers. Included in the recent grant awards, announced at the agency’s 11 July board meeting, was an individual award for $5.1 million to a Clean Energy customer to assist in the purchase of a new fleet of 100 LNG Class 8 heavy-duty trucks to transport goods throughout Southern California. This is the largest single SCAQMD Carl Moyer grant ever awarded.

The Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment (Carl Moyer) Program is funded each year by the State Legislature and is administered by each local Air Quality Management District in California. The purpose of the program is to reduce diesel emissions statewide by providing grants for the incremental cost of cleaner heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.

Also in this round of funding, awards of grants totaling $2.375 million were made for use by Clean Energy fleet customers for the procurement and deployment of CNG-powered full-size airport buses, refuse trucks and taxis.

Formerly Pickens Fuel Corporation and eFuels by BCG, Clean Energy is North America’s largest provider of natural gas with state-of-the-art fueling stations strategically located throughout its markets. T. Boone Pickens remains on the company’s board.

The recently announced Pickens Plan calls for developing windpower to displace the 22% of electricity currently produced by natural gas, thereby freeing that natural gas up for use as a transportation fuel.


John Taylor

Why do I think Pickens just snagged another $3.6 million out of the public purse?



The field is open to anyone. CARB is looking for people to make the air cleaner. Pickens has a plan and he is doing something. Because of this he gets public money for doing public good. (Cleaner air) Unfortunately there isn't much public money for people with snide, cynical comments on obscure websites.

There is enormous demand for energy! If the oil companies are the only ones providing that energy they will get rich!




T. Boone Pickens is a GREAT AMERICAN! Viva TBP!


If they paid for snide comments there would be quite a few rich bloggers on the net. Boone has a plan and sure he has been into NG and NG cars for a while and stands to make a bungle. I believe you can do well while doing good. Maybe the people that should do well are those that do good and not the ones causing the problems.

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