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Combined Sales of Toyota, Honda Hybrids in Japan up 21% in 1H2008

Nikkei. Combined sales of Toyota and Honda hybrid-electric vehicles in Japan rose to 51,758 units in the first half of 2008—a 21.5% increase compared to the same period last year.

With fuel economy an issue amid skyrocketing gasoline prices, sales of the gasoline-electric vehicles are poised to top 100,000 units on an annual basis in Japan for the first time this year.

The Prius posted 35,507 units in the six-month period, an increase of 23.3% from 2007, and representing a 69% marketshare. Toyota’s newly resigned Crown Hybrid (earlier post) sold 2,942 units. Toyota also sells the GS 450h, LS 600h, and hybrid versions of the Harrier (Rx 400h), Kluger (Highlander), Estima, Alphard, Dyna, Toyoace, and Coaster in Japan.

Sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid for the period reached 2,160 units, up 3.8%


Dean Runyan

I think I see why Prius sales in the US for June were so low.


I agree with the first commenter. Increasing worldwide sales of the Prius make the supply (for America) even more limited than before. The Prius has become slightly cheaper even here in Hungary where it costs almost two times as much than in the US. Possibly, Toyota wants to "internationalize" sales now. So far most of the units simply went to the US and sold at a very friendly price (and at a low profit).


Yes, it makes sense since traditionally Japanese companies have always kept their best products for the home market.

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