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Eden Energy Combines Hythane Company and HyRadix into New Subsidiary

Australia-based Eden Energy Limited has established a new subsidiary in the US that combines two wholly-owned Eden subsidiaries—Hythane Company LLC, the developer of a 20-80 hydrogen-natural gas fuel blend; and hydrogen fuel producer HyRadix Inc.—into a single business based Des Plaines, Illinois.

The new entity, Eden Hydrogen Inc., will serve as a single point of contact for Eden’s hydrogen storage, generation, use and marketing businesses.

Last week, India’s Standing Committee on Emission Regulation issued an approval for the addition of 20% hydrogen to compressed natural gas for use in motor vehicles. This approval paves the way for the widespread use of Eden’s patented Hythane fuel—a low-emissions mixture of 20% hydrogen (by volume) and 80% natural gas—as an approved “transitional fuel” in the country’s ongoing conversion to a full hydrogen-based fuel economy.

One of Eden Hydrogen’s first business activities will be the construction of the US$1 million first public hydrogen dispensing station in Delhi, India, which is due to come online during the second half of 2008. Several Indian car, truck and bus makers now developing both Hythane and hydrogen-powered vehicles.



What are the storage implications for hythane - is it as easy to store as methane, or do you have the problems of hydrogen (embrittlement etc.).

Is there any way you can dissolve h2 into gasoline or diesel to make them into better (but still liquid) fuels.

You might get a few percent power density improvement from than and a cleaner fuel.

Or is it all snake oil ?

J. Howland

The implications can best be summed up by the following facts: Hythane and Hythane derivatives in truck and bus fleets are being reviewed for funding in many U.S. cities such as New York, Syracuse, Albany, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Barstow, Santa Monica, and Sacramento. National programs are also underway in India and China. In 2007, India adopted a plan to use Hythane as its natural gas vehicle fuel standard. Their first Hythane fueling station is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2008.

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