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The mini-Hybrid cooling system. Click to enlarge.

Engineered Machined Products Inc. (EMP) will supply its electrified cooling systems to bus maker New Flyer Industries Inc. for use on municipal transit buses. The modular, fully customizable kit replaces the conventional cooling system on diesel-powered and natural gas engines. Use of the “mini-Hybrid” cooling system can improve fuel economy up to 10%, according to EMP.

The mini-Hybrid is a drop-in cooling module that replaces a conventional hydraulic system with an array of very efficient, controllable electric fans developed by EMP. The system also includes a highly efficient, air-cooled brushless alternator, the EMP Power 450, as an option that delivers best in class performance at low speeds and idle.

The mini-Hybrid enables optimized operating temperatures, longer maintenance intervals and reduces hydraulic oil use. Municipal transit buses equipped with the mini-Hybrid system get better mileage and generate lower emission levels, according to Mark Bader, EMP’s director of new products.

EMP has been developing its electrified cooling system since 2006. The mini-Hybrid system has been under testing for more than 1.5 million miles on more than 100 transit buses in fifteen transit agencies in North America.

The result of installing the mini-Hybrid system has produced fuel economy improvement between 3 to 14% among the various engines involved; we are excited to see the full economy gains made.

—Sandra Draggoo, CEO and executive director of Capital Area Transit Authority in Lansing, Michigan

The mini-Hybrid is certified on Cummins 2007 diesel engines and is in process of certification on 2007 CNG engines.


Henry Gibson

This is indeed progress towards hybrids. I hope that the engine water pump is also electrified soon. The use of FireFly Oasis batteries and a computerised alternator system will allow for partial regenerative braking as well as more efficient water and air movements. Air conditioning is the next step, LG makes free piston refrigerant compressors and Global Cooling high efficiency refrigerant modulating valves. With batteries, the engine can be stopped while cooling it and the bus. ...HG...



Any linksto the LG free piston refrigerant compressor? All I've found are patent documents....


Could somebody put Henry back in the “EMP Electrified Cooling Systems” room,
and make sure the latch catches.

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