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H2 Logic A/S and Partners Receive $3.45M Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Grant from Danish EUDP

H2 Logic A/S and its collaboration partners have received a $3.45 million (€2.2 million) funding grant from Danish Energy Development & Demonstration Program (EUDP). The grant supports three hydrogen and fuel cell R/D/D projects with a total budget of more than $11.9 million (€7.7 million).

Through the projects H2 Logic will further develop and demonstrate the company’s fuel cell hybrid systems and hydrogen refueling stations for materials handling and smaller road vehicles.

Two of the three projects will focus on development and demonstration of fuel cell hybrid systems and hydrogen refueling for materials handling vehicles such as forklifts. The last project will develop second-generation fuel cell hybrid systems and hydrogen refueling stations for smaller road vehicles with a planned later demonstration hereof in Denmark as part of the UN Climate Meeting (COP15) to be held in Copenhagen in late 2009.

The road project is called “LINK2009” and will be part of the Hydrogen Link Denmark network and Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership.



Hopefully there will be some breakthroughs soon with respect to hydrogen storage. The fuel cell might still be a viable clean energy solution if they get the storage figured out.

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