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Lysanda Eco-Log Mobile Source Predictive Emissions Monitoring Technology

Lysanda, developers of the Eco-Log mobile source emissions monitoring technology, is expanding following the recent completion of a £1.25M (US$2.5M) venture capital funding led by Logispring, a Geneva-based Venture Capital fund and as it moves into production.

Sample Eco-Log on-board display screen. Click to enlarge.

The Eco-Log technology uses a new method of monitoring a vehicle’s powertrain to report the composition of the exhaust gases from a moving vehicle. Rather than directly measuring the exhaust gases, it predicts what the exhaust content will be from the various inputs to the combustion processed and uses easily accessible signals obtained from the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system (OBD).

Inputs include kinetics (time, distance, speed, acceleration); driver demand (load, throttle angle); combustion events (power, torque, combustion chemistry); and aftertreatment (recyclers, filters, catalysts). Lysanda claims results within 3% in comparison with exhaust gas analysis.

Typically, the software will be licensed to telematics partners, whose units will transmit the reports to fleet managers. Eco-Log is also available in hardware form as a black box, with a cable connecting directly to the OBDS port.


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