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NICE Car Company Showing All-Electric Fiat 500 at British Motor Show

The NICE Car Company, in addition to staging the global debut for the new Ze-O electric MPV (earlier post) at the British International Motor Show, is showing an all-electric Fiat 500.

The electric 500 is a limited-edition Micro-Vett conversion, and NICE Car Company says it will gauge interest in the product.

The company is also displaying the electric two-seater MyCar (top speed of 40 mph and 40 miles range); refreshed models of the Mega City, in two- or four-seat variants; and an electric Fiat Doblò with extended range. NICE will also show the Super Light Concept sports car, a research project developed with Cranfield University, earlier showcased in May at the annual SMMT test day.



Another g,ay looking electric car.....Tesla roadster aside, most of these electric cars look very h,omo.



Would a mini e-Hummer 500 do?


The Fiat 500 has a soft spot in the heart of many europeans of "a certain age", much like the VW Beetle and Mini.

It is designed to be cute and nostalgic , not macho, and based on sales figures has succeeded.

IMHO there are two reasons so many electric cars look a bit funny -

a: They are underpowered* compared to ICE cars, which compromises everything.

b: Many of them are designed by non car companies who underestimate the amount to work it takes to produce a decent looking, safe car.
The Reva is a case in point - it really is awful looking.

What is a pity is that established car companies do not make their cars available for conversion without all the ICEary in them.

Then idealists could build electric Focuses or Golfs without having to worry about the chassis etc.

[ * or underEnergied ]


I'm too young to remember the original Fiat 500, but its modern counterpart has been one of the most well-received and popular superminis for many years, with all-round rave reviews. like the relaunched Mini, it is the ultimate stylish city car for the young and funky, as well as for older people who are charmed by its retro looks.

ejj made a very stup1d comment.


I think ejj was referring to the City Mega. The 500 is sweet.
It comes with a full Fiat options list and a full Fiat warranty too. Range and top speed leave something to be desired but it beats most of the other city cars out there.


Sorry...but the Fiat 500 looks g,ay too....

It'd be very easy to build on proven designs...look up the 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt, Hyundai Tiburon, Honda Civic (coupe), Honda Accord (coupe), and so on.

If you want everyone to think you're a h,omo or that your wife or girlfriend wears the pants/calls the shots - go ahead and get one of these goofy (g,ay) looking little cars like the Smart or Fiat 500.


It's actually a Chevy Cobalt that
Chevy Volt engineers have retrofitted
as a PHEV that's been running around
the GM test track. Appently the Cobalt
platform works fine as a Volt mule.


@ Mike:

please take a look at ejj's unnecessary phobia. Uncalled for here.

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