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Nissan and Tennessee Form Zero-Emissions Vehicle Partnership

Nissan and the State of Tennessee are forming a partnership to promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), including electric vehicles, in Middle Tennessee with participation from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and other partners. This marks the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s fourth such ZEV initiative, and the first one in the US.

Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Renault, SA, made the announcement of the Tennessee agreement during the dedication of Nissan Americas, a newly completed building in Franklin serving as the coordination point for the company’s operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Ghosn and Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen signed the agreement during a meeting Monday night in Nashville. For his part, Bredesen has agreed to explore strategies in which the state might help support the deployment of infrastructure for electric vehicles, including charging stations in public places.  Under Bredesen’s leadership, the state and Nissan are joining with the TVA and other partners to embark on a series of conversations that initially will focus on the region’s heavily trafficked Interstate 24 and Interstate 65 corridors.

In addition to the TVA, potential partners include: Mayor Karl Dean and Metro Nashville-Davidson County; local utilities including Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, Murfreesboro Electric Department and Nashville Electric Service; major employers including Central Parking System, Gaylord Entertainment, Middle Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University; and real-estate firms including Southern Land Company, a residential real estate developer, and CBL Properties and Crescent Resources, both commercial property management companies with interests in the Franklin area.

In May, Ghosn committed the Renault-Nissan Alliance to be a global leader in zero-emission vehicles (ZEV).  Nissan, through its GT 2012 five-year business plan, will introduce ZEVs in the United States in 2010 and two years later will mass market ZEVs globally.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has begun ZEV initiatives in Israel, Denmark and Portugal.

In Israel and Denmark, the Alliance will be working with Project Better Place, which will create an infrastructure of charging stations.  Vehicles for those two initiatives will be provided by Renault and lithium-ion batteries to power the vehicles will be provided Nissan, through its Automotive Energy Supply Company joint venture.



It seems Renault/Nissan puts some very serious effort behind their electric product line.


For his part, Bredesen has agreed to explore strategies in which the state might help support the deployment of infrastructure for electric vehicles, including charging stations in public places. Under Bredesen’s leadership, the state and Nissan are joining with the TVA and other partners to embark on a series of conversations that initially will focus on the region’s heavily trafficked Interstate 24 and Interstate 65 corridors.

Somebody in the federal government must take control of the standardization of electric vehicle charging stations before things get out of hand.



I have to agree with you. Renault-Nissan seems to be the major car builder with the most agressive EV introduction plan.

Is this their way to short circuit Hybrids and PHEVs or do they have a better battery pack up their sleeve?

BEVs could become the least complicated (lowest cost) approach, specially for city vehicles with current and near future batteries and as highway vehicles with 60 KWh ESStor like ESSUs.

In the mid to long terms, Renault-Nissan may have picked the winner.

Interesting times ahead.

Axil: Somebody in the federal government must take control of the standardization of electric vehicle charging stations before things get out of hand.

Are there any standards that are actually getting "out of hand"?


@Jul 22, 2008 10:49:38 AM

In addition to Nissan and Tennessee, the following standards initiatives have appeared on GCC in the last few days as follows:

• Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network includes public charging stations

• General Motors, EPRI and the utility companies will work on everything from codes and standards to grid capability to provide an infrastructure to support the Chevy Volt, the Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid and other plug-in vehicles when they come to market

• The Japanese government announced a collaboration of nine automakers and motorcycle manufacturers, six battery makers and Tokyo Electric Power Co to fomrulate standards for automotive lithium-ion batteries


Frankly. I would rather our broken federal politic system not get involved; All they worry about is what oil company lobbyist will deliver the most favors and money for their election campaigns. If Nissan works it right and produces enough cars, they will produce the de facto standard for the feed plugs and wiring. As we write this, the Japanese are already working on an ISO standard for the batteries and associated devices.

There is a lot going on at the state and industry levels that by necessity are bypassing the federal government's attempts to torpedo electric cars for the oil companies. The republicans are holding up legislation to force drilling in sensitive areas for the oil companies and the Democrats are holding out to drill on existing oil leased land...neither idea will make a damn in the price of gasoline within the next 5-10 years. Washington has a secret energy policy known only to Dick Cheney and the oil companies. What a mess, they may as well live on another planet!



Frankly. I would rather our broken federal politic system not get involved;

Setting standards is the job of government. Just because government is broken doesn’t change that. The answer is to fix government, not let chaos reign.


Beta vs. VHS, Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, Steam vs. electric vs. ICE, AC vs. DC. It happens in every emerging new technology. Let the markets decide. The technologies are not sufficiently developed to let our government get their mits on it yet. Besides, according to an NPR story this morning, the parties are fighting over "use less" or "drill more."

Eventually a winner will emerge and then the Government will "let it be written...". If the auto companies have any sense, they will agree to a standard first and the government will not be needed. That seems unlikely based on their past behavior. Meanwhile, let the race begin.


You are right on paper; but, I think Washington is a broken system where the defense/industrial complex has gained too much power to be changed.

I would like to think we could vote out the rascals; but, too many of our people fall for the PR spin games.

However, I'm open to any suggestion you might have on how to change things.

stas peterson


Too bad the World isn't quite like your fervid conspiracies.

Only the triumph of Democrat policies on very short term domestic drilling was NOT an achievement for Mr. Bush. Democrats get full credit for keeping their campaign promises.

The Dems ran on a platform of increasing gasoline prices to force conservation, for some mystical, phantasmal, AGW reason, or other. A fantasy that is now discredited.

They succeeded in under 18 months from election to majority control. The gasoline and diesel price went from $1.90 to $4.50 per gallon.

Please take the credit. You wanted it. You voted for it. And you got it.
Please brag about it.

Mr. Bush revived Nuclear, and created the Nuclear Renaissance. He Created clean coal in the form of IGCC, that enables reasonable CCS. And recreated the new ITER international consortia that Mr. Clinton's own jackasses sabotaged against his powerless wishes. Mr. Bush set it up with expanded membership so that the Jackasses can't do it once again by making the US contribution only a small 9% share. But the Jackasses under Reid and Pelosi are trying to destroy it once again. Look at their zero budgeting for that, as an incidental to the antiwar maneuvering.


PBB's Agassi & Ghosn are making everybody
else eat their dust. They hit the ground
running and everybody elses heads are

I like the fact that individual States are
not waiting for the Feds to get off the dime.
Other States need to take the initiative too,
and not wait for Washington act. The Feds are
owned, anyway. Nice end-around the Stone-wallers.

I don't especially like the PBB model, but it
has direction and purpose and energy behind it
in the actions of these two visionaries, and I
applaud them. They'll make these other companies
sink or swim.



Is it impossible for you to stay on topic?

Fortunately the attitude of LAD is rampant across this land. There will soon be a blizzard of pink slips issued to dysfunctional cronies across the federal bureaucracy. The way of doing business in Washington you favor will be over. Don’t take the upcoming turn of events to hard. I will always be here to comfort you.


Will PBB make it impossible for you
to charge *their* battery at your home?
Will they have a proprietary connection
that keeps you tied to their battery
exchange stations? That's my bet.
They'll have some deal where you'll
have to pay them every time for a
'fill-up'. That's what I don't like
about PBB. It's *their* battery and you
won't be able to use cheap electricity
for fear of voiding some lease or other.


Where did anyone read that the "federal politic system was involved"? The TVA hasn't been federal for decades. That is all privately owned utility companies.
The whole deal sounds fantastic. If we are going to get it done, it must be the public not the federal government! We need the states to help get it done. Hooray for Tennessee and hooray for Nissan. You have my business. It would be a good thing if all readers sent an email to Nissan giving them your support. WEcansoveit.org


If they do make a special adapter they will also probably make a non- standard voltage too. If they are that stupid, the project will fail.


As soon as you fix government, let us know. For now, Lad is right, there are too many voters are voting themselves a piece of the pie right now than to vote to "fix" anything. The Federal government has become far too important (read: vast/wasteful) in our constitutional republic of states, so let some of the little guys get it done (Ca mostly, and now some like Tn). Maybe they can prove a few ways it won't work, but the sooner the better. The Federal government is frozen right now, and won't do anything until the elections are over, anyways.



Do you remember when unleaded gas first was adopted? The federal government defined the diameter of the gas nozzle for both leaded and non leaded gas.

Too bad that can’t be done today. Interstate car travel would be difficult at the pump. You might now need a bucket and a funnel to fill up the car on a cross country trip.


Prosperous nations were built with effective governance and hard working creative people, not the Market Place nor all powerful lobbies and similar interested groups.

With time, effective governance and the people get complacent, the government is deeply infiltrated with ineffective weak leaders, financially supported and manoeuvered by local and foreign commercial interests.

Eventually, we the people becomes, we the lobbies or we the all mighty market place or we the deal and leader makers etc. People's life time savings are gobbled up in a few months. Hundreds and even thousands billion $$$ land in the hands of a few promoters, speculators and leader makers.

At that time, if nothing is done, a great nation will start coming down. Ecomomical unrest can settle in for many years or until such time as a new capable leader is found and elected.

The time has cometh to find such a leader, capable and competent enough, to move USA from a degrading oil based economy to a new oil free electrified and prosperous economy.

Will this be done in 2008, 2012, 2016 or in 2020 or latter?

James K.


What on earth are you talking about. Are you making this a democratic versus republican debate? Come on, get real. I have been following your posts among the others because I read the comments. You have a very skewed view of reality and what is going on? You go off on tangents. Stay on topic would you. But since you are on the political rant, let me say that both sides are a bunch of idiots for allowing us to be taken hostage by energy shieks from terrorist countries. But see that is their way. Feed the stock holders of Exxon, Conoco et. and support wars for them under false pretenses as "Freedom Iraq." All while the American middle and lower class pay out the debt over decades.
Do not be so naive.

Bill Young

Many people, like myself, will use an electric car as a commuter vehicle. I hope to be able to afford one as soon as 70mph/100mile range is on the market.

I would be perfectly satisfied with a dryer plug hookup and an overnight charge. Fast charge for long distance travel is just gravy.



Nissan is working with VTA because VTA is not controlled by Bush and his Big Oil cronies. We need more deals like this to cut gas prices.


I reject Stas Peterson's generalizations about democrats. I work with many fine, classy, committed democrats. As a government employee, I think my best advice for Stas Peterson is to go to work for the government. He can be a civil servant like me, or run for public office. Either way, Stas is very naive and ignorant about government - and the best thing for someone like him would be to actually work in government.

Reality Czech
If they do make a special adapter they will also probably make a non- standard voltage too.
You mean, like the inductive system for the EV1?

Is it impossible for you to stay on topic?

Being on-topic and constructive (either agreeing or critical) is contrary to the purpose of trolling.

tom deplume

The federal government needs to at least give an anti-trust exemption to the auto companies so they can agree on a standard voltage and interconnection equipment for a V2G network. Such exemptions have been given in the past in other industries such as formats for the television industry. Without the exemption the companies involved would be charged with a crime.

Kit P

It is interesting that Stan is getting so much grief. It is easy to verify that Axil made it political on the second post here followed by Lad making it a political rant.

The best I can tell is that Stan just accurately corrected the record.


The NATIONAL ENERGY POLICY, May 2001 is not a secret document, it is available on the Internet and downloaded it from and made a paper copy because it is such a good energy reference.

While Cheney was meeting with industry leaders I was able to follow who he was meeting with and what they discussed thank to news program call ENERGY NEWS LIVE. It always surprised me how ignorant congressional leaders were with so much information publicly available.

Considering the crisis in California in 2000/2001, Stan's use of the word 'jackass' seems more than fair especially for a member of congress from California.

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