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Nuvera Fuel Cells to Open Hydrogen Refueling Station in Massachusetts

Nuvera Fuel Cells will unveil a hydrogen refueling station in Massachusetts on 11 August. The station, located at company headquarters in Billerica, is separate from a Nuvera hydrogen refueling system in place at Logan Airport as part of a Federal Transit Authority (FTA) hydrogen bus project. (Earlier post.)

The Billerica station was designed to refuel forklifts. It also provides hydrogen to Nuvera’s research labs, and will refuel the nine hydrogen-powered cars participating in the Hydrogen Road Tour on August 11. The Hydrogen Road Tour is a cross-country drive from Portland, ME to Los Angeles, CA.

The Power-Tap hydrogen generation system for the station uses onsite steam reformation of natural gas to produce the hydrogen. The fully integrated system comprises a fuel processor, electric-driven hydrogen compressor, cascade storage system and an indoor or outdoor (outdoor at our headquarters) dispenser depending on the application. PowerTap is designed to support material handling applications, but is also able to serve automotive applications. The Billerica unit produces up to 50 kg of hydrogen a day.


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