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San Francisco Issues RFI for Infrastructure Projects to Make City Plug-In Ready

The Office of the Mayor and the Department of the Environment of the City and County of San Francisco are reviewing opportunities have issued a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit information and conceptual ideas from commercial vendors, service providers, non-profit organizations and other interested parties capable of assisting San Francisco and the Bay Area in becoming a leading region for early adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and full-battery electric vehicles.

Specific topics for which project concepts are requested include, but are not limited to, those which address any or all of the following points of interest:

  • Deployment of EV charging infrastructure that will accommodate the needs of the full range of vehicles requiring access to electrical charging, including plug-in hybrids, low-speed EVs and full-function battery EVs.

  • Deployment of charging systems that universally accommodate vehicles from all manufacturers, and that comply with all applicable building codes, UL safety codes, ADA requirements and industry standards.

  • Deployment of charging systems that meet customers’ EV charging needs in any or all key locations including residential garages, commercial garages and parking lots, transit hubs, workplace locations, and on-street parking in residential and non-residential neighborhoods. An important consideration for San Francisco is determining how to provide access to overnight charging for a high percentage of residents who do not have residential parking facilities.

  • Use of “smart charging” concepts to minimize charging during on-peak hours and to maximize customer convenience, and which may be compatible with the utility industry’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems (“smart meters”).

  • Provision of attractive EV charging subscription or billing rates for customers, and convenient billing systems.

  • Incorporation of renewable energy with the EV charging system.

  • Coordination of EV charging system programs with the City’s priority of minimizing individual driving through, among other means, encouragement of ride-sharing, carpooling, shuttle services and car-sharing networks.

  • Consideration of means to accommodate the extended-range needs of EV drivers, such as fast charging or battery swap systems.

  • Development of educational programs for consumers, schools, automotive technicians, policy makers or other key audiences to assist with market acceptance of electric vehicles and charging technologies.

  • Vehicle-based programs to accelerate the introduction and use of electric vehicles by fleets or individual customers.

Submittals are requested by 5:00 PM on 19 September 2008. Submittals should be sent to SF Environment at: [email protected].

The City and County of San Francisco wants to provide a fertile test ground in which promising systems that support the use of electric vehicles are demonstrated and proven. San Francisco is moving aggressively to combat climate change. The city wants to be a model for other cities and is not waiting for Washington.

—Mayor Gavin Newsom



John Taylor

Lets hope for a real plan of 220v 100a 3ph to recharge a 40kWh BEV battery pack in under 2 hours. (1.5 hrs if only 15% losses are achieved). (That is the minimal sized pack that would be useful in a BEV)

Lets also hope for a sensible payment option like 'credit card pay for what you use' just like any other fuel.

Lets also hope to see the recharge infrastructure at "destination" parking locations, like shopping plazas.


I believe this RFI was the result of the mayor talking with "Project Better Place."

It is interesting that while the politicians in The Corporate Capital of Washington D.C. argue over who gets the most election favors from the fossil fuels companies, the states and cities are moving to bring the future to the people through solar power and electric drive transportation.

All the oil-happy Senate Republicans have done lately is hold up progress trying to secure more oil leases for Dick Cheney's oil buddies at the expense of developing alternatives to our oil society.

Hang Hem

Right On Lad!!! This is wurst precident in world who does nothing for alternative loving fuels systems and only loves war. Now san francisco that is home of skateboard and hate ashurberry will become first electric city in america try to catch up with beijing. World is free for energy after Bush is defeated!

Richard Bruce Cheney

I'm glad they're not waiting for Washington; he died over 200 years ago. If they're smart they'd ask for Tesla's help. Nicoli has been through all this.
- - - Richard Bruce Cheney

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