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Alt Fuel Bus Showroom Opens in Lima, Peru

Pure Transit Technologies, Inc. (PTTL) and Vehiculos Ecologicos S.A. (VESA) opened a showroom in Lima, Peru for intercity and city hybrid-electric, CNG and LPG buses.

The partners will sell and market 8- and 12-meter intercity coaches and 8.6- and 9.2-meter city buses manufactured by Wuzhoulong Motors, Shenzhen, China.

We have been aggressively pursuing the brokerage and distribution of hybrid electric, CNG, diesel and LPG buses from Wuzhoulong Motors Shenzhen, China. This opening marks a milestone in our business development and goes a long way towards validating our revised business plan and alternative fuel strategy. By having 4 different models of buses in Peru, VESA and PTTL can offer many choices to both government and private transportation companies throughout Latin America.

—Carlos Zalduondo, PTTL CEO



Various size NG-Electric Hybrid buses and trucks would be an effecitive way to reduce oil import and GHG in USA.

If China and many other countries do it (on a large scale), why couldn't USA, with its large NG reserve, do it?

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