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Australia, Iceland and US Launch International Partnership to Promote Enhanced Geothermal Systems

The US, Australia and Iceland have formed the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology (IPGT), designed to foster and promote enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will work with Australia’s Ministry of Resources, Energy and Tourism and Iceland’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to identify and encourage research, development and deployment projects critical to widespread deployment of EGS and deep drilling technologies, exchange best practices and support education and training programs.

The IPGT will foster close working relationships among the international partners to support an accelerated evolution of geothermal technology through knowledge gained from projects in different countries and geologic settings.

In addition to establishing the IPGT, ministerial representatives of Australia, Iceland and the US held a two day workshop bringing together experts from government, industry and academia to discuss research, development and deployment priorities for geothermal energy. The IPGT is open to expansion and in the future may include members from other countries with commitments to emerging geothermal energy technologies.




This is terrific news; combined with the research funding by Google, it will be interesting to see what progress can be made on developing geothermal electricity generation.


The federal govt have put up 50 million for research here with a second hand 1 megawatt test unit expected to be operational early next year.
Hot rocks.

We get rebates on solar panels 8k rebate (max) + 2 1/2k from owner gets a 1KW installation. Max income eligabillity $100K.
Some complaints that this seems to encourage the smaller 1KW installations over a larger setup with no increase in rebate.
So not the most return for the govt's contribution.
Also a bunch of rebates on solar water heaters with scaled rebates. Again $100K income limit.
rebate $3K on $3.5K system if replacing electric only.
Then much lesser rebates for other gas, boosted etc.
(conditions apply)

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