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Automakers Introduce “EcoDriving” National Fuel Use/CO2 Reduction Program

Automakers in the US have launched EcoDriving, a nationwide consumer awareness program to reduce fuel use and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. California and Colorado are the first states to support the initiative, which is sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. The Environmental Defense Fund also participated in the launch of the EcoDriving initiative.

By following best practices for driving and vehicle maintenance, an EcoDriver can improve mileage by about 15%. Because EcoDriving produces the highest mileage from every single vehicle, regardless of vehicle size and age, it offers an immediate opportunity to affecting the nation’s entire fleet of 245 million automobiles.

If just half of all drivers nationwide practiced moderate levels of EcoDriving, annual CO2 emissions could be reduced by about 100 million tons, or the equivalent of heating and powering 8.5 million households, according to the Alliance. If all Americans practiced EcoDriving, it would be equal to 450 billion miles traveled without generating any CO2 emissions.

Sample EcoDriving practices include not tailgating, knowing the proper way to accelerate and brake, using synchronized traffic lights to a driver’s advantage, driving at the optimum highway speed, understanding when to use air conditioning, and more.

Sample maintenance practices include knowing which motor oil to use, understanding the importance of proper tire pressure and what affects tire pressure, understanding aerodynamics and more.

In conjunction with the unveiling of EcoDriving, the National Automobile Dealers Association announced that September will be free “Green Check-up Month” nationwide.

The Alliance’s EcoDriving consumer awareness campaign centers on an interactive website,, to help drivers learn practical tips to improving their mileage and reducing their carbon footprint. The site includes a video guide to EcoDriving, an “EcoCalculator” to determine benefits for individuals or states, a Virtual Road Test and a variety of educational tools.

As part of their national campaign, automakers pledged to reach out to government, business, educators and more. Alliance members hope to engage all 50 states, as well as major consumer organizations, in EcoDriving.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade association of 10 car and light truck manufacturers including BMW Group, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen.


Harvey D

Returning up to 50% of our immature teenagers and childish unseasoned Teen-Boomers (up to 50+ years old) to the sidewalks, buses and trains could do a lot to improve road safety and reduced gas consumption.

The question would be how to do it. Is there a test for immaturity and irresponsability?


Mr.Dave McCurdy, president and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

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Its not a bad idea - make sure people know how to drive economically - irrespective of whether they do it or not.

Another way to drop your gas costs by 10% is to get a bike and use it for the 10% shortest journeys, or journeys when the weather is nice.

You might even enjoy it!


"The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade association of 10 car and light truck manufacturers..."
NO! The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers(AAM) is the federal lobbying group for the ten auto companies named above. This article is propaganda to make you think they care. They care about drivers just like the American Petroleum Institute (API), the oil lobby, cares. There is only one thing the API cares about, controlling the oil market. Both are into controlling the markets,i.e., reaching deep into your wallet!

This is the very group, the AAM, that worked so hard handing out campaign money and favors to Congress in an attempt to kill fuel mileage standards.


This is good guidance and a good campaign. A lot can be accomplished with public awareness/education, at very little cost.

However, it is always nice to know certain aspects of Green Car Congress remain consistent - one of which is that no matter what the AAM and others who are actually IN the business of making cars do, it will be insufficient for some readers here. All the world is a conspiracy, eh, Lad?


No conspiracy here...this is just the way the capitol of our Corporation Government, Washington works. The corporations seek government money and legislative favors through 35,000 Washington lobbyists. The API and AMM just happen to be two of the groups...there are many more.

And, let me say reading the AAM state the obvious and all that's been printed by many others before, just smells of PR.

Alex Kovnat

We note the article above advises us:

>Sample EcoDriving practices include not tailgating ...

If it were possible to close within half a vehicle length or so of the car ahead and if the car ahead were to close within a half-vehicle length of your own, collective aerodynamic drag would be reduced.

Platooning, as this practice is called, naturally requires advanced technology to do it safely. With lasers or advanced radar systems, and with vehicle2vehicle communication, hopefully it will eventually prove practical


Taking care of a car responsibly does not reduce fuel consumption, but failing to do less costs the pocketbook more for fuel and environment more in dangerous waste products. Being a responsible owner is a baseline, those who fail to meet the baseline should surrender time behind the wheel....but the won't and can't because they have no viable alternatives

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