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Azure Dynamics Signs Two More Ford Dealerships for Balance Hybrids

Azure Dynamics Corporation has signed sales and service agreements with two additional Ford dealerships—Northside Ford in San Antonio, TX and Carmenita Ford in Los Angeles, CA—for Cube Vans and Walk-in Vans equipped with Azure’s Balance Hybrid Electric powertrains.

The new dealership agreements are part of Azure’s effort to enlist approximately 50 dealers over the next year in major metro markets in the United States and Canada to broaden its distribution network for its Balance Hybrid Electric Vehicle. (Earlier post.)

The Balance Hybrid Electric system is integrated on Ford’s E450 Cutaway and Strip Chassis drive system and utilizes a conventional 5.4-liter Triton gasoline engine and the 5- speed automatic TorqShift transmission. The hybrid powertrain features electric-launch assist, engine-off at idle and at below 20 mph, while electronically supporting key ancillary functions like air conditioning, power steering and braking. The powertrain can improve fuel economy by up to 40%, while reducing carbon emission by up to 30% in city conditions.


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