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Felix Kramer of CalCars reports that Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto (California), one of the US’ top Prius dealers, has decided to begin taking $500 deposits for plug-in 2010 Priuses.

One Toyota dealer moving ahead of the pack will encourage others, and help speed the arrival of PHEVs into the market. We hope carmakers will get the message that their customers want plug-in cars, and accelerate their plans. Without waiting for any new technology or infrastructure, Toyota could begin to build and sell first-generation plug-in hybrids now to early adopters and fleet customers. And as batteries improve, “good enough to get started” will become better and better.

—Felix Kramer

Kramer suggests Bay Area buyers contact Magnussen’s. Out of the area customers, he suggests, would be best off working to encourage their local dealers to begin taking deposits.

Toyota so far has committed only to producing 400 PHEVs with for fleet evaluation during or before 2010. (Earlier post.) Magnussen’s action marks the second time dealers have moved out on their own accord, the first being the beginning of a few offering PHEV conversions. (Earlier post.)



I've already offered a $2500 deposit to get on the priority list for the purchase of a Prius PHEV, to be produced in limited quantity, as a research project by Laval University.

I would gladly do the same, (not thru a dealer but directly with Toyota Inc.) to try to get one of their limited production Prius PHEV in 2009/2010.

The new Prius III may be very well suited for a PHEV upgrade.


Any details on Prius III?
All I've heard of the next gen is 8Km (vs 2Km)

Spending $10K on a Prius conversion makes no sense, and can only be considered fun/cool.

Better off to buy a new Prius rather than convert two or three Priuses.

Plus, I don't think the current Prius is geared to be driven at all speeds on battery alone.

When I go into EV mode and begin to approach the 35mph limit, I notice quite a bit of decrease in power/acceleration. If that 35mph limit were removed, I don't think my prius would drive very well at higher speeds.

And before anyone tells me I don't know what I'm talking about with the 35mph limit - make sure you know what EV mode is - either google it or look it up at

If you don't own a Prius with EV mode enabled (US customers need to install an add on kit as opposed to European customers), make sure you are educated before making comments about EV mode.

I've added the kit and can tell you the EV mode limit is real and is necessary.

Felix Kramer

Scott Doggett over at Edmunds Green Car Advisor got some additional background beyond what CalCars posted about the dealer's motivation. Magnussen's Eric Doebert told Doggett they were confident that they'd have cars. Until today, Toyota has announced only that it will deliver a small number of PHEVs for fleet evaluation in 2010 -- and this morning President Katsuaki Watanabe advanced that to 2009.

-- Felix Kramer, Founder,

Lou Kee Tup

Hey HarveyD:

switch to decaf before don't know what your talking about, I think your prius is broken,'s what you need to do, then come back and post (holmes) your prius out of gas (make sure you have good charge) then drive it like you stole it, you'll be amazed at the new capabilities, it will easily do 45mph on battery alone (but it has to be emptied of gas first) go back now and do some real tinkering before you post here again, son...out...

Lou Kee Tup


..sorry HarveyD, I meant to address bad

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