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Detroit Electric Claims New Investment and Technology Partners from Europe

Detroit Electric, the 100-year-old brand re-established in 2007 as a joint venture by ZAP and China Youngman Group (earlier post), said that a vehicle distributor and additional technology partners in Europe have agreed to provide capital financing and electric drive system technology for the venture. CEO Albert Lam expects to announce further details in the future.

Under the agreement, ZAP will transfer its ownership interest in Detroit Electric in exchange for North American sales and distribution rights for all vehicles developed and manufactured by Detroit Electric as well as US$750,000. According to Lam, China Youngman Automobile Group will relinquish its ownership under a separate arrangement, but will continue to provide vehicle platforms to Detroit Electric for pure electric transit buses and coaches.

Detroit Electric has attracted technology-based shareholders and investors in Europe to continue its development program for a range of four-wheeled, multi-passenger automobiles for manufacture in Malaysia and China. The company expects to announce its vehicle projects by the end of 2008.

Detroit Electric was an early 20th Century electric car, perhaps the most popular in history. The Anderson Electric Car Company of Detroit, Michigan built cars under the Detroit Electric brand between 1907 and 1939.



Why "Detroit" Electric? "Detroit" is one of the WORST names for a company. It symbolizes extreme energy waste, not efficiency. It is a symbol of cronyism, severely dysfunctional government, decades of worthless left-wing kook social programs (again-WORTHLESS), lost jobs, closed factories, murder capital of the U.S. (it actually was for a few years), over 100 square miles of a post-apocalyptic ghetto, and DECADES of complete government/socio/economic failure. A much better choice would have been Arizona Electric or how about Sweetwater Electic Co.....

John Taylor

Anytime Americans from Detroit get involved in buying up electric car technology, I get worried.

Is this going to be a revival of the old Detroit Electric and make great cars, or just be Destroy it Electric?

I hope they don't just use their connections to keep new alternative technology off the market so oil companies make more money (shades of EV1).

 y ev

I agree. Detroit is synonymous for Big Oil and ICE.
Plenty of memorable names at EVdomains such as :
Zebev.com Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles.
Zeroemission Alternative Powered Electric Vehicles or ZapEV.com
Elezoom.com and many more.
Electrification of transportation is inevitable...so is the need for a good EV name online, wouldn't you agree!

The Scoot

I am from metro Detroit. How do you people get to work? In a private vehicle perhaps? If you bicycle or use public transi--- ooh. Buses... what kind of engines are in most buses?

Stop bashing Detroit. Detroit isn't sinking into the gulf of Mexico.


I am from Arizona. Anything east of the Mississippi is East, to me.
I do not believe Detroit brings bad images.
The UAW excesses were ignored during the good times. Their present culpability in the demise of the big 3 is probably major, but the image of motor city is bigger than the UAW.
NY, Chicago, Detroit, Boston etc – all historic icons of enduring glory.


Guys, if you read the article, it goes on to state that Detroit Electric's cars will be manufactured in Malaysia and China. It is Detroit in name only. Not sure which is a worse idea, the name Detroit or building cars in China.


@ The Scoot:

How sad that you are proud of that hel,lhole. Detroit = failure on so many tragic levels. There is nothing good about the "Detroit" brand image.


@ Toppa & Scoot:

I don't know what kind of enduring glory you are talking about when you refer to the mess that is Detroit. I spent over a year and a half working throughout region doing geotechnical work at a myriad of different sites - throughout the ghetto, downtown and its outlying suburbs. No one that I ever worked with there, or have ever met that has actually been throughout the ghetto has had positive things to say about it (the ghetto specifically, which is about 85% of the land area of the city). You would think that society and government would have figured out how to solve their problems - go there and you will find out obviously not. When one says they're from "Metro" Detroit, that implies one of the nearby suburbs - those are radically different. Scoot I can bash the actual city of Detroit all day long because it deserves it.

The Scoot

Fine, bash a city that has undergone over thirty years of continuous population decline due to mismanagement and global economic forces. Kick a hurting municipality while it is most assuredly down.

However, realize this. Your ability to put foot to pedal is heavily indebted to the city of Detroit and her state. Hell, do you remember a little thing called World War II?

Where do you suppose a great deal of the iron that won that war came from?

I might be from metro Detroit, but I sure as hell am going to stand up for my suffering brothers and sisters, and remember that my comfortable life is in part possible because of Detroit.


@ Scoot:

It's all yours...you can have it....keep on believing that restoration, after the riots of the late 60's (after 40 years has gone by), is right around the corner. Keep thinking that some new socio/governmental program will make everything better. Keep on convincing yourself that it's really not so bad as the years go by, and nothing gets better...actually worse as more and more foundations appear in all the neighborhoods that are mere shadows of their former selves....for all of these reasons, I can't possibly imagine why someone would want to call a new company by a name that conjures up such imagery for those of us who know what Detroit is really like.

Check out this site...especially the tours of the "ruins"...
http://www.detroityes.com/ (should be www.detroitwhy.com)

The Scoot

It's taken forty years for it to get this bad, and it might take forty more years for the worst to be completely over.

I'm not going any where. I am committed to fighting the entropy. It doesn't really matter if you are convinced that Detroit is a write-off; you ran away.

My home filled the arsenal of democracy and allowed the greatest expansion of freedom of movement in the history of the world. That kind of legacy is worth trying to live up to.

But go ahead, say that you know what Detroit is really like from your lofty perch far from the heartbreak that is a post-industrial era in a city built on industry.

I, for one... am going to buy a movie ticket to whatever film shot on location here. I am quite sure post-apocalyptic themes would love to shoot on urban prairie...

P Schager

All this discussion about the image value of Detroit based on its condition totally misses the big story here. The reason this car company is given an all-American name is obviously to obscure its non-free world origins.

Most of the market for electric cars these days is going to be from people who have public interest concerns in mind, including, typically, American national and economic security and avoiding sending their dollars to countries that are enemies of democracy. Not to mention protecting the environment, which doesn't mean having the batteries made in a country where the disposal of toxic waste is nobody's business unless the All-Wisdom Party decides otherwise. It will be a plus to most of these customers to be buying, if not American, at least a product from the free world. They may be vague about these values. But they'll be comforted if they feel associated with that home-team image nonetheless. So this is the image the companies want you to see, even when the product is coming from a country that is no friend to freedom. Using this name makes the product morally a counterfeit. I predict it will suffer because people will see through it.


Scoot: "My home filled the arsenal of democracy and allowed the greatest expansion of freedom of movement in the history of the world. That kind of legacy is worth trying to live up to."

ejj: You make it sound like Detroit alone was responsible for protecting the free world.....hmmm - I wonder why there isn't a Detroit monument in Washington DC? Goto the WWII monument and tell me where the "Detroit" section is! A lot of war machines to protect America came from Detroit - and many, many other places. Ultimately, they've had decades to address their problems, but instead have bought into smoke & mirrors government and a union that cares most about membership numbers and little else - and look where its gotten them.

The Scoot

The "Detroit" section? That would be between Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Detroit certainly was not alone in providing iron to win the war. I admit I should have put the word "helped" in the "arsenal" sentence. Be that as it may... Willow Run produced enough B-24s. The Willys-Overland factory in Toledo produced enough Jeeps.

Detroit smelted enough steel, and managed the region well enough.

If it happened once, it can happen again. As much as the nattering nabobs of negativism speak against "Detroit", I will stand up and speak up.


@ Scooter:

Kwame Kilpatrick - yet another part of a long list of flaws tarnishing Detroit.



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