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Shanghai Firm Offers 1M Free Bicycle Rides Logs More Than 1M Miles of Fuel Economy Records Since May 08

Since its public debut in May 2008, has logged more than one million miles of fuel economy records.

Members of enter their fuel pump receipts and odometer readings into the website. FuelClinic then creates a variety of metrics, charts and graphs that illustrate spending habits and fuel costs at a glance. Members can easily compare the different vehicles in their account.

People join the website for a variety of reasons. Most want to track their actual fuel usage and spending, some want to reduce their carbon footprint, and then there is a growing group of small business owners who are using the site to help manage their fleet fuel costs.

—Michael Bragg, creator of FuelClinic

Bragg created the website based on software he had written to track his own fuel consumption. Creating an account is free, and allows anyone to track up to three vehicles. For a limited time, small businesses can create a free account.


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