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Hyundai Planning US Launch of Sonata Li-Ion Hybrid in 2010

Reuters. Hyundai Motor Co. expects to release a hybrid version of the Sonata sedan equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack for American consumers in 2010.

John Krafcik, vice president for product development at Hyundai, said the automaker would offer a hybrid version of the Sonata sedan for American consumers and would unveil a prototype of the vehicle in November.

That timing could make the upcoming Hyundai hybrid one of the first mass-market vehicles on US roads featuring lithium-ion batteries, now widely used to power consumer electronics including cell phones and laptops.

LG Chem is supplying Hyundai with lithium-ion batteries for its hybrid vehicles and is competing, via CPI, to supply batteries for GM’s Volt.


In contrast to the Volt, Krafcik said the Sonata hybrid would not be rechargeable. "It's not a plug-in," he said.


Yes, sell me the added complexity and maintenance costs of this wonderful idea. Someone, please, make a BEV that actually looks like a car and costs less that 30k.


If Hundai thinks Lithium Ion is ready for prime time in 2010, that should be a good sign.

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