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Three New Toyota Vehicles to Debut at Paris Motor Show

The diesel Urban Cruiser.

Toyota will introduce three new vehicles at the upcoming Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l’Automobile, 04-19 Oct): the third-generation Avensis, the production model of the iQ, showcased in design form earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show (earlier post), and the 1.4-liter D-4D diesel All Wheel Drive (AWD) urban cruiser, a new “urban all-roader”. (Earlier post.)

Measuring less than 3 meters in length, the iQ is the world’s smallest production premium 4-seater. Toyota will offer the iQ with a choice of two gasoline engines and one diesel. With its compact design, low weight and aerodynamic shape, the iQ will have CO2 emissions starting at 99 g/km. Production will commence late this year, with 100,000 units expected worldwide in the first full year.

Important for a car of this size, the iQ will offer 360° protection to all occupants with high levels of active and passive safety, including the world’s first rear window curtain shield airbags.

The new Urban Cruiser will feature a 1.4-liter D-4D diesel engine. The CO2 emissions level is 133 g/km for the AWD version. Toyota also uses a 1.4L D-4D in its compact hatchback Auris. The 1.4-liter D-4D 90 engine in the Auris is well-suited for city driving, Toyota says, but is also economical out on the open road.

The engine has a flat torque curve, developing a maximum 190 Nm (140 lb-ft) from 1,800 to 3,000 rpm. Maximum power of 89 bhp (66 kW) is produced at 3,800 rpm. The engine has a catalytic converter inside the Exhaust Gas Recirculation unit’s cooling system to improve emissions control.

The Avensis is Toyota’s European flagship D-segment model, and will feature a new design as well as new, more powerful but more fuel efficient engines, the company says.


Bryan Seigneur

That Diesel Urban Cruiser photograph, my friends, is a Scion xD. A Scion xDiesel? The xD is a great car. My 95lb black lab can stand or lay in the luggage compartment, with the 2nd row seats still up.


Bryan is spot-on. Wonder why toyota doesn't sell *any* AWD vehicles in the states, save for pickups, suvs, and the sienna...


If Toyota's recent work on making their diesel engines meet the CARB 2009 standard come to fruition, Toyota might just put in that D-4D turbodiesel engine into the Scion xD, probably with a beefed-up five-speed manual or five-speed automatic. Can you say way over 40 mpg fuel economy? :-)


I just read this and thought it might be of relevant interest. In the Toyota Aygo the D-4D get 90mpg (imperial), officially it is 83mpg highway.

In the Yaris it is 73.6 mpg

and in the much heavier Auris (corolla hatch, think matrix) it is 62.8 mpg.

Ok it's not the fastest car on the block, but come on 140 lb ft of torque is more than enough pulling power for regular driving.

And the funny thing is this engine is not new, it has been round now for 6 years since the mark 1 Yaris. Some would say that it's decidedly old, but this also means that now it must be dirt cheap to manufacture this engine now that everything has been ironed out in production.

The US needs a Scion xD D-4D or whatever 1.4 D4-D, hope it happens at some stage


I think if the US market does get a small-displacement turbodiesel engine it won't be the D4-D, which is an older design. You'll need a modern engine with really high pressure common-rail direct fuel injection (maybe 2500 to 3000 bar pressure), modern EGR systems, and a modern exhaust emission control to meet CARB 2009 emission rules. Given that Toyota is working on US-legal turbodiesel engines, we might just see a turbodiesel in the Yaris and Corolla models within two years.

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