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VIASPACE Begins Sales of New Light Electric Vehicle Li-Ion Batteries

VIASPACE Inc., a company that commercializes space and defense technologies from NASA and the Department of Defense, has begun sales of a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) lithium-ion battery pack. The first battery pack has been delivered for evaluation to an electric bike (eBike) manufacturer.

The pack is based on lithium polymer cells manufactured by VIASPACE partner Yoku (Hong Kong and Zhangzhou). The VIASPACE Lithium Polymer batteries are four times lighter, and nearly three times smaller than lead-acid batteries currently used in most eBikes, and they demonstrate much greater life.  A single small battery pack yields a 40 mile range, and a pack the size of the current lead acid battery will yield more than 100 miles.

Yoku manufactures 250 sizes of its prismatic lithium polymer batteries, ranging from 50-55,000 mAh capacity.

The electric bike market is expected to grow four-fold over the next two years. The first target for VIASPACE eBike batteries in this $6 Billion industry will be an advanced folding commuter bike that is small enough to be folded and taken on trains and in car trunks. VIASPACE eBike batteries are also under test for use in both mountain and street eBikes.



With a potential 55000 mAh capacity, their batteries could find their way into HEVs, PHEVs and small BEVs beside improved e-bikes.

More lithium batteries suppliers the better for vehicles electrification. Mass production and increased competition with bring the price down.

The days of under $300/KWh may not be that far away.


These electric bikes would be great, since more people can enjoy the outdoor life.


I believe readers deserve fewer words like "lighter, cheaper, stronger, longer life", and more specifics in these articles. I would like to know even initial or hoped for numbers for the weight, size, kWh output, cost per kWh, availability. Does anyone else agree?



I like VIASPACE numbers:

50 to 50 000 mAh, 250 sizes.

up to 100 miles between charges.

400% e-bike production increase in 2 years.

Any numbers on price for the batteries and the folding bike?

Henry Gibson

Does anyone know if Firefly shipped any batteries for garden tools? Their technology could still compete with these new lithium batteries for energy density, and the price is lower, but Firefly has too many government contracts to actually need to sell any units into the open market. And they will want four times the price of the equivalent energy RV battery from Sears. A single ZEBRA battery cell in a Thermos bottle would give very good energy density; five or six short cells in the same bottle would be only one way to get a matching voltage. ..HG..



It seems to be impossible to get Firefly's sales figures. Could it be that they are not selling yet?

Are they having production delays?


Firefly does not produce batteries by themselves. I guess they are afraid to jump into manufacturing. That should rule them out as a major player for now.

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