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Amberjac Projects Lands New EV, PHEV and HEV Orders

UK-based Amberjac Projects Ltd, working in partnership with EnergyCS of California, has received orders over the last month for development and production battery systems across 5 projects in the Electric Vehicle (EV), Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) markets from the UK, Europe and the United States. All of the systems on order are to be delivered from October to December 2008.

The size of batteries ordered range from 900 Wh to more than 50 kWh.

For reasons of confidentiality we cannot name the clients in question but we can reveal these are firm received orders from niche players in the EV business and Automotive OEM’s clients.

Working closely with our Lithium Iron Phosphate cell manufacturers from the Far East and suppliers of new chemistries, an extensive program of testing has allowed us to understand the performance characteristics of various cell formats on a fundamental level and configure battery systems that actually deliver on claims. Being independent of cell manufacturers is a huge advantage for us and allows us to choose the right technology in the right format for each application, we are not encumbered with one or two cell choices to capture all applications that result in large compromises.

—Simon Sheldon, Managing Director

Amberjac Projects solutions focus on custom-designed and configured fully integrated Lithium-ion battery systems tailored to the individual requirements of each application, offering a bolt-in, plug-in and drive capability with no battery engineering required of the vehicle manufacturer.

The new orders are in addition to the Prius PHEV conversion work carried out by the company, orders for which are increasing and production is being stepped up, currently systems are running around in UK, Holland, Denmark and Iceland, with Holland a particular hotspot for demand, according to Amberjac.

In January, Amberjac Projects selected Autocraft Industries UK, a subsidiary of Aftermarket Technology Corp, as its manufacturing partner for higher volume production of large format lithium-ion battery systems for automotive applications. (Earlier post.)



Just saw that McCain's energy policy calls for a $300 million prize for battery innovation (70% improvement over current technology.) That's a pretty big lottery for these guys making large format EV packs. Could be fun.

Henry Gibson

Put a standard ZEBRA battery pack in a Prius and you have a long distance electric operation and no worry about fires. ZEBRA batteries can be made with even more energy density, and the power can come from the standard NiMH pack if necessary. If the ZEBRA battery is too cold, the main publicity problem of the ZEBRA, the Prius can still be run in hybrid mode until the battery is heated. The parent of the ZEBRA battery, the sodium-sulphur battery, could be implemented as a flow battery for very high energy density, but why bother when methanol can be made from hydrogen and CO2. A sodium-air plus ??? flow battery could be made but why bother again with methanol available. ..HG..

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