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ASTM Developing New Test Method for Relative Corrosivity of Ethanol to Iron in the Presence of Water

ASTM Subcommittee D02.14 is developing a draft for a method for the determination of the relative corrosivity of fuel grade ethanol (Ed95) and fuel ethanol (Ed70 to Ed85) to iron (steel).

Test results will indicate the degree to which corrosion of iron components can be expected from ethanol fuels. The test will rate the fuels’ anti-rust properties in preparation for the various stages through which the tested product may pass prior to or during its application, including its transport through a pipeline.

Test results are also meant to show whether or not the dosage levels and type of iron corrosion inhibitor added to the ethanol fuels are sufficient for achieving the desired protection of all affected assets whether these are storage tanks or shipment systems or other entities through which these products/materials may pass.

The method can also be applied to determine conformance with the specification relating to iron corrosion of ethanol fuels. The test is intended to be used at ethanol and E-85 production facilities and terminals.



If cellulose E85 and FFVs become popular, we may need to consider ethanol pipelines. Trucking and rail are pretty maxed out getting E5 to market now.

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