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Azure Dynamics Receives Order From a Major Baking Industry Fleet for Balance Hybrids

Azure Dynamics Corporation has received an order from one of the largest baking companies in the USA for two Balance Hybrid Electric Ford E-450 Walk-In Vans. (Earlier post.) The new orders represent the 145th and 146th Balance Hybrid Electric sales since their launch in May 2008.

The Azure hybrid technology applied in the Ford van improves fuel economy by up to 40%, while reducing the carbon foot print by approximately 30%. In addition, Azure’s technology reduces vehicle maintenance costs by approximately 30%, thereby further reducing the overall fleet operating costs.

The order is the first purchase of hybrid electric route delivery trucks by the baking industry in North America, according to Scott Harrison, Azure’s Chief Executive Officer.


Henry Gibson

Trucks always have space for an additional ZEBRA pack for plug in hybrid operation. If the ZEBRA battery freezes after not being plugged in for a week, ordinary hybrid mode is still available. ..HG..


I am glad to see Azure carrying on after they bought Solectria. Solectria was one of the only companies doing serious EV OEM work and all their efforts from the past are paying off for Azure.

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