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Cavotec Wins Order for AMP Systems on New Container Vessels

Cavotec MSL has won an order from Taiwan’s CSBC Corporation to supply four Alternative Marine Power (AMP) systems for installation on four new-build container vessels.

AMP, or “cold-ironing”, involves vessels turning off their engines while in port, and connecting to shore-side electricity, thus helping to reduce pollution in port areas and surrounding communities.

Yang Ming Marine Transport will install the systems on four 6,600 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) container vessels to be built at the Kaohsiung shipyard in Taiwan. The ships are set for completion in 2010 and 2011, with delivery of the AMP units expected to run from the end of 2009, until the beginning of 2011.

In July, Cavotec announced the successful connection of a post-PANAMAX container vessel to shore-based AMP at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) in California. China Shipping Line vessel, Xin Ya Zhou, successfully transferred its power supply for on-board systems from its engines to a shore-based AMP system.

Post-PANAMAX ships have dimensions that are too great to allow passage through the Panama Canal. The Xin Ya Zhou is such a vessel, with a capacity of 8,600 TEU.


Henry Gibson

At one time a ship pulled into the harbour of a town and did the reverse; it supplied electricty to the town. ..HG..


Clear and concise.
After they install the AMP systems on four container vessels these ships will be able to use power from shore-based AMP systems.
But it will not benefit all ships, because some are still at sea because they were too fat to get thru the Panama Canal. Umm, what?
No; wait..
Maybe the AMP system can be EITHER ship or shore based and allows matching the volts/amps on shore to the volts/amps required for the transfer to the ship.
Like both sides had sockets and the AMP system is a cord with pins on both ends.

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