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3rd Millennium Energy LLC of Orange, CA, a designer and manufacturer of electric bicycles, tricycles and other light electric vehicles (LEVs), has selected VIASPACE Inc. to provide a lithium polymer battery pack for its eBikes. 3rd Millenium featured the VIASPACE pack on its advanced folding Commuter Bike, shown at the Interbike show.

The VIASPACE Lithium Polymer batteries, made by partner Yoku of Hong Kong and Zhangzhou, China, are four times lighter, nearly three times smaller, charge much faster, and have greater cycle life than lead-acid batteries.

A single small VIASPACE battery pack can yield up to a 40-mile range, and a battery pack the size of the current lead acid battery can yield over 100 miles of range. The eBike can be simply recharged by plugging in to a standard electrical plug.

VIASPACE eBike batteries are also under test for use in both mountain and street eBikes at 3rd Millennium Energy and other customers.

Yoku makes its prismatic lithium-ion cells in 250 sizes, with capacity ranging from 50-55,000 mAh.

Among its other energy products, VIASPACE also offers prismatic lithium-ion batteries; cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and high capacity/rate lithium-ion batteries.

VIASPACE was founded in 1998 with the objective of commercializing proven space and defense technologies from NASA and the Department of Defense.



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