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Geely to Begin Mass Production of Dual-Fuel Methanol Cars by Year’s End

Geely Holdings Group will begin mass production of a dual-fuel methanol-gasoline version of its Haifeng sedan by the end of the year. Earlier this year, Geely introduced a series of CNG dual-fuel vehicles.

The dual-fuel methanol Haifeng sedan.

The focus on alternative fuels is designed to contribute to meeting the government’s target of 10,000 “new energy vehicles” produced in China by 2010, and 10% of total vehicle production nationwide by 2012.

Geely is also developing a series of hybrids and a hydrogen vehicle. New energy vehicles include those fueled by CNG, methanol, hydrogen, biofuels, synthetic fuels, Dimethyl ether, and electricity—hybrid-electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles.


Henry Gibson

This car is the best car to use to decrease oil imports. All organic materials and coals of all varieties and natural gas can be used to make methanol. For most uses a larger tank will not even be needed.

Electric valves are now possible and they could make the most use of the high octane and engine cooling benefits of methanol. They would also allow energy saving with selective cylinder use and air-pressure-hybrid starting and acceleration. ..HG..


I would consider this more of an FFV. I use the term dual fuel to denote a gasoline or natural gas car. I think that we need to make ALL cars sold in the U.S. FFV as soon as possible. Cellulose ethanol and methanol can reduce our oil imports and may be the quickest way to do so, considering our present situation.

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