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Half of GM’s Global Manufacturing Plants to be Landfill-Free by End of 2010

GM has committed to make half of its major global manufacturing operations landfill-free by the end of 2010. Meeting that goal will require more than 80 of GM’s operations to become landfill-free over the next 28 months. GM facilities achieve the landfill-free status when all production waste or garbage is recycled or reused.

As part of the initiative, the company announced 33 global operations have recently reached landfill-free status, bringing the company’s current total number of landfill-free manufacturing operations to 43.

At GM’s landfill-free plants, more than 96% of waste materials are recycled or reused and about 3% is converted to energy at waste-to-energy facilities.

As a result of the company’s global recycling efforts, approximately $1 billion in revenue will be generated annually from recycled metal scrap sales. Additionally, in North America alone, GM will generate about $16 million in revenue from the sale of recycled cardboard, metal, wood, oil, plastic and other recycled materials.

More than 3 million tons of waste materials will be recycled or reused at General Motors plants worldwide this year. An additional 50,000 tons will be converted to energy at waste-to-energy facilities. Some of the materials recycled at GM’s zero landfill sites this year include 630,000 tons of scrap metal, 8,000 tons of wood, 7,500 tons of cardboard and 1,200 tons of plastic.

Waste elimination and recycling at GM’s landfill-free plants and other facilities will prevent 3.65 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere this year, according to the company. Additionally, recycling materials to make new products reduces energy use and manufacturing costs, compared to using raw materials.


The Scoot

All right, so which one of you reactionary GM haters is going to be first? Maybe the better question would be, which tired old talking point will be rolled out like a wheelbarrow filled with three day old carp and stink up this thread?

"Too Little, Too Late"? "They're only doing it to save their bottom line"? "Detroit Sucks"?

Come on. I'm ready for you hippies.

Jerry Rubinesk

Speaking as a proud ex-hippie all I can say is that warning about the "blue acid" at Woodstock - total garbage. I did four hits to good effect.

I won't believe GM has done anything good in its entire existence until they hand out free stock certificates and ten years back dividends!


Why do you feel entitled to free stock certificates and ten years back dividends!GM has been doing good in its last 10 years of existence by your standards.
But all the dividend money has gone to the UAW workers and non-workers!


The more likely scenario is that half of GM’s plants will become landfills!

Jerry Rubinesk

Don't believe I mentioned standards Toppa. We hippies don't cotton to such things.

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