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The Nikkei reports that Isuzu Motors Ltd. is developing a series hybrid bus that it plans to commercialize in Japan in the first half of the 2010s.

The series hybrid system’s diesel engine can be made roughly 30% smaller than those used in conventional buses and maintains constant revolution regardless of vehicle speed. As a result, Isuzu’s bus delivers 30% better fuel economy than conventional diesel buses. The new system is also about 20% more fuel-efficient than the parallel hybrid system.

Isuzu plans to initially employ the new hybrid system for large buses 9 meters or longer and mid-size buses 7-9 meters in length. Further down the road, it aims to also use the technology in small and mid-size trucks. Isuzu plans to offer public transportation authorities and other potential customers test rides on its series hybrid buses as early as next year.

Isuzu currently offers a parallel diesel-electric hybrid system for its Elf trucks. (Earlier post.)



I wonder how small the "Small... size Trucks" will be.

I would buy something similar to Toyota's A-BAT, be that HEV or PHEV, as soon as they go on sale.


Good for them - all stop/start vehicles should go hybrid. All urban buses, delivery vans and taxis for a start.


At last! The improvements in genset / engine thermal efficiency from series hybrid commercial vehicles like this one will soon filter down to passenger cars.

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