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Mazda Launches Redesigned AZ-Wagon Micro-Mini in Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation has introduced a fully redesigned AZ-Wagon micro-mini range in Japan, the car’s first redesign in five years.

Mazda’s new AZ-Wagon. Click to enlarge.

Under Japan’s 10-15 mode test cycle, model grades with naturally aspirated engines, a direct overhead camshaft (DOHC) and variable-valve timing (VVT) achieve fuel economy up to 23.5 km/L (55 mpg US, 4.26 L/100km) (front-wheel drive (FWD) grades with five-speed manual transmission).

Model grades with turbocharged engines and a DOHC achieve fuel economy up to 21.5 km/L (51 mpg US, 4.65 L/100km) (FWD grades with CVT). All model grades offer fuel economy certified as either 15 or 25% better than Japan’s 2010 standards.

All models with naturally-aspirated engines qualify as Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (SU-LEV, i.e., exhaust emissions are 75% or more cleaner than the levels specified by the Japanese government’s 2005 exhaust emissions regulations). All grades with turbocharged engines qualify as Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (U-LEV, i.e., exhaust emissions are 50% or more cleaner than the levels specified by the Japanese government’s 2005 exhaust emissions regulations).

All FWD model grades with naturally aspirated engines and the four-wheel drive (4WD) grade with a five-speed manual transmission qualify for Japan’s Green Tax exemptions.


Looks like a Scion but actually gets decent gas mileage. They don't say it but I'm going to guess this is a Kei car and has a 660cc engine.

Will S

Why can't they sell this in the US?

Is Mazda in a financial position to take such a gamble? Fundamental changes would probably need to take place for safety standards and with such a compact vehicle there is likely to be a significant redesign required to get the steering from right hand to left hand (not as much room in the engine bay compared to a standard compact vehicle).

In addition to the costs of meeting federal mandates there would be a cost of marketing. Would such a vehicle have enough sales and margin to get an ROI and then turn a profit? I bet they don't believe so at Mazda - the US market has changed but not by that much.


Now knowing that it is a Mazda would make a difference, I have seen other 660cc cars that I would be afrade of but this is one that I would be very interested in if they could bring it in at any where near a GOOD price.

Been looking and wishing for something about like this for MANY years, at least 50 years.

Looks like with the gas prices as they are the US DOT would at least look at helping the public a bit by allowing KNOWN safe in both Japan and Europe that also have known low emission vehicles to come into the US.

This just MIGHT prompt US auto makers to compete just a LITTLE instead of their attitude like always BIGGER IS BETTER.

WELL, That's a bunch of bull as has been proven by over the past 50 years by all the imports taking over and is what has caused the so called BIG 3 to be in trouble and now want the public to bail them out of the mess that they made for themselves in the first place.

I say ONLY if they decide to compete with the imports in both quality and economy.

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