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Proton Introduces Dual Fuel GEN-2 for the UK

Proton has expanded its GEN-2 range in the UK with the addition of two dual fuel models able to run on either gasoline or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Proton is offering a full factory-fitted LPG conversion at no additional cost to the customer, and the ecoLogic owners will also have a 3 year/60,000 miles total vehicle warranty. The Proton ecoLogic GEN-2 has a 1.6 liter engine and is available in a hatchback or sedan.

LPG retails in the UK at around 50% of the price of a liter of gasoline; even with the reduced fuel economy of LPG compared to gasoline, drivers of LPG vehicles usually save around 40% of their fuel bills each year.

Typically, LPG also produces less carbon monoxide, particulates and nitrous oxides than other fossil fuels, plus a 15-20% reduction in carbon dioxide compared to gasoline. LPG is a by-product of the extraction and refining of crude oil.

The GEN-2 ecoLogic starts on gasoline and then switches to LPG when it’s most efficient to do so, usually after about 20 seconds. Any very slight differences in performance will go unnoticed and the only visible addition to the interior is a switch on the center console that shows the fuel level. There is a second filler cap next to the petrol cap, which is matched to the exact colour of the car. The LPG tank is situated in the spare wheel well, so owners lose a small amount of trunk space.

The UK has more than 140,000 LPG currently; worldwide, there are some 11 million LPG-capable vehicles. The UK has 1,400 LPG refuelling sites, including motorway service stations and at major supermarkets.


Henry Gibson

Many years ago, there was a gasoline delivery and sales company in Idaho USA that discovered that even when gasoline was cheap LPG was even cheaper and had its delivery trucks operate on LPG. Many years later when a tank insurance fee was put on gasoline in one state the company started selling only LPG.

If LPG is available it is a nearly ideal vehicle fuel. It is such an ideal fuel that the price has gone up greatly. A combination gasoline car that could also fuel with either LPG or CNG would be easy to do. The CNG tanks can store much more energy in the form of LPG when necessary, but with PHILL, CNG is available in every home if it has natural gas. With modern equipment, natural gas can easily be made on many farms from crop wastes.

Ethane is a greatly ignored fuel. It can be stored as a liquid in high presure tanks similar to carbon-dioxide both of which have almost the same 31C (90F)degree critical temperature.

In an article about a large LNG plant not a word was mentioned about LPGs or ethane. Some natural gases have a high content of ethane and some LPG.

In Australia, LPG seems to be much more an alternate vehicle fuel than in many other countries. The truth is that if a large number of vehicles were equipped to use LPG, then the price would rise significantly.

Since tanks that hold non pressurized liquids can be of any shape, it is easier to fit methanol tanks into a vehicle than LPG tanks. LPG has a high energy density for unit weight, but it is lower than gasoline for unit volume, so the high volume of methanol is not as bad in comparison to propane LPG.

Methanol should become a standard fuel for all spark ignition engines. It is now possible to have electric valves on all engines at a low enough cost, since automotive engines are now electronically controlled. Direct low pressure liquid fuel injection, after the exhaust valve has been closed and with the subsequent closing of the intake valve, allows the use of any high or even low octane fuel. An additional injector can allow the use of any fuel gas like CNG or hydrogen.

Ultracaps can be used to provide and recapture the energy needed for electric valves. Fuel injectors and electric valves also allow for creating and operating an air hybrid without additional heavy parts except air tanks. A piston could be idled from revolution to revolution. A piston can use the retained heat from the previous cycle for a very low power no fuel cooling cycle. Pistons can be idled in sequence for even wear.

Move over Scuderi; The efficient hydrogen and natural gas Ionic Liquid compressor should find its way into stationary engines first and then into automotive engines. It is easy to imagine a super high compression engine using both liquid compressor and power pistons. ..HG..

Sultan Hussain43

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