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Nikkei. Both Toyota Motor and Mazda Motor have slowed production in China, as demand contracts in what is now the world’s second-largest country car market.

Earlier this month, Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., a joint venture between Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., slowed down its production line to trim output of the Yaris subcompact and other models. With a manufacturing capacity of 200,000 units a year, the plant is Toyota’s main production base in China. The production adjustment, the first such move at the factory, will likely continue for at least several months.

Meanwhile, Mazda Motor Corp. in August started a two-month production cut at its Chinese joint venture because of weak sales of the Mazda2, which is sold as the Demio in Japan.

Toyota has reduced production at plants in the US, UK, Turkey, and in Japan as well.


Looks like everyone's in the same leaky boat.

John Taylor

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. has the production capacity to sell Yaris subcompact cars in North America.


Max Reid

Yes, recently Chinese hiked the price of gas by 18 %, still its lower than US price. So some more increase may be there. People can buy cars, but its wise to buy smaller cars, otherwise they will face huge increase in gas bills.

Same thing is happening with India. In 2007, oil production declined 0.2 % compared to 2006, this year, it may decline more and both automakers and customers have to take note of it.

bahgat darkawi

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